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Welcome to the Nodinite Newsletter – January Edition

Last Updated: January 15, 2024|

We hope all our customers, partners, and friends had a happy new year and great start to 2024! If you have only recently returned to work, do grab a tea or coffee, and spare a couple of minutes to join us by reading about the latest events and activities from Nodinite.


Marketing Latest:

Website News

In December we revised and updated our website and made several changes. We are so confident that Nodinite has a uniquely competitive value proposition that our prices are listed for small and medium enterprises. Now you can easily do the calculations and compare the cost of using Nodinite to similar tools on the market.

Have you done your research yet? You can find out on our Pricing page here.

At the same we also updated the front page, the first place most visitors see. Where there was once a Nodinite video there is now a new “See how it works” page. It also easier than ever now to get in touch with us, simply complete the “Let’s talk!” form. Click here to check out the new pages.

New Assessment Tool to Help Select the Right System Integration Monitoring Tool

We want to highlight a recently published hidden gem. At the end of 2024 Nodinite produced a way to assess and select the most suitable system integration monitoring tool. It consists of an excel sheet with a range of factors to consider. It is a useful starting point for any company that is looking to determine what is most important for their specific business needs.

Click here to access the evaluation tool for system integration monitoring.

Newsletters of 2023

Have you caught up with all the Nodinite newsletters from 2023? If you haven’t then fear not. Here is a list of all the newsletters published last year.


Developers Corner:

The industrialization of the Nodinite software procedures is moving forward as it should. By continuously strengthening our procedures we are minimizing the risk of security gaps. Nodinite will make sure to deliver software that has no security gaps.

Related to BPM (Business Process Modelling), we want to start generating interest for the next version of Nodinite which will be released soon. In regards to this, the first steps of the BPM function were successfully reviewed by a global company this week. It looks promising and will bring additional value to an already extraordinary product.


Poll of the month:

The poll for January is “How aware are you of what the Nodinite repository and what it can achieve?”. The poll is on a scale of 1-4 where 1 represents no knowledge and 4 represents fully aware.

Here are the results:


Partner Activities: New Contica – Nodinite Round Table event in February

With a new year there will of course be new joint activities together with our partners. First up for 2024 is a round table event held jointly with Contica. In November Contica arranged an earlier event, catering exclusively to public sector enterprises. It was a limited-seating event, to ensure participation, which was an outstanding success!

Nodinite is again teaming up with Contica to hold a second-round table event. As with the last time, participants who will get the most benefits from attending are public institutions and enterprises. It will be held between 12.00-13-30 PM on Wednesday the 7th of February.

The topic for the upcoming event is how to spread the use of Nodinite outside the IT department. Please note also that the invite is in Swedish and that it will be held in Swedish as well.

If you want to access a recording from the previous event, please send a request to Contica. Link to their contact page can he found here.



2023 has been a great year so far, where we kicked off in July with our e-learning, learn.nodinite.com. For those who are reading our newsletter for the first time it can be good to know that we started developing videos on how to get started with Nodinite, what are its functions, etc. It comes very handy for the users who want to learn Nodinite at their pace and are about to get started or just started with Nodinite.

Gradually, we developed videos for regular users who want to learn more about Nodinite’s capabilities and use them in their daily job role. Our customers and potential customers feel confident with us since they can train their staff at Nodinite without any cost and hassle. All they need to do is simply submit a request using this link.

Today we have around 140 minutes of learning content divided into 7 programs and 121 active users and growing fast.

Here are the titles of programs we have till now:

  • Introduction to Three pillars of Nodinite
  • Nodinite- Installation and configuration
  • How to create monitoring and logging views
  • How and why to do Logic App agent filtering
  • Hardening your Nodinite Installation
  • Installing the Azure agent
  • Installing the Message Queueing Agent


Published Articles in December

December is usually a period when individuals wind down and begin to relax. However, often it is the straight opposite for businesses. For retail stores the Christmas period is the busiest time of the year and likewise for offices as most people aim to clear their desks for the new year. Nodinite is no exception, we published several new pieces in the week leading up to the holiday period.

Is Nodinite a Friend or Enemy of Integration Consultants?

Nodinite Newsletter for December

Nodinite is compliant with Tietoevry’s, TEIS – Sweden’s Largest Integration Platform for Public Sector Enterprises

Nodinite and Solita Announce Partnership

Assess and Select the Right System Integration Monitoring Tool

10 Best Practices when Evaluating Monitoring Tools

Kazoku Develops Nodinite Monitoring Agent for ActiveMQ Artemis


Monthly short story #5

Below is a short, and highly fictional, tale where Nodinite, a plucky, global do-gooder and overall superhero software tool, solves problems. Every month a new adventure will be included in each newsletter. The stories themselves are imaginary and are of course a not-so-subtle reference to how Nodinite’s tool helps organizations in the real world.

Read and enjoy!

To Kill a Monitoring Alert

The IT department of a large corporation had experienced a few difficult years. Their internal business message flows were regularly failing. What was worse, the IT department couldn’t seem to figure out where or why it was happening in the first place.

That’s when the recently appointed head of the IT department, a forward-thinking and progressive individual, decided to bring in Nodinite. As experts in the industry are well-aware, Nodinite is an integrated monitoring, logging, and a repository software tool that helps large organizations detect system integration issues.

At first, some members of the IT team were dubious about the idea and thought it might be overkill. Soon enough they realized how valuable Nodinite was.

Within days of contracting Nodinite, alerts started coming through with all kinds of useful information that helped them get to the bottom of what was causing the problems – issues with system integrations that had been time consuming and difficult to trace in the past were now solved within minutes!

With each alert came actionable information on what was causing the issues. This kind of information helped prevent the same issues from appearing twice. Instead of merely treating the symptoms they could now also address the source business message flow of system integration failures.

So, not only did the company finally have some peace-of-mind but also saved countless hours on troubleshooting and maintenance as well! With Nodinite by their side, everyone in the IT department felt much safer knowing that whatever happened – there would always be someone looking out for them ready to save the day!

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