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Welcome to the Nodinite Monthly Newsletter for May 2023! The show must go on…

Last Updated: November 28, 2023|

In our corner of the IT industry there are always new and exciting developments taking place. Everyone here is very much awake and gearing up for future goals now that Nodinite 6.0 has been released. When others may be slowing down, we are speeding up. In fact, we April we were the equivalent of a sports car accelerating down an open road, about to hit our stride. With that said, these are our headlines from the previous month:

  • The Latest Version of Nodinite 6.0 Released
  • Nodinite Enter yet another Industry!
  • Azure and BizTalk Articles Published on Website
  • Follow us on LinkedIn
  • Tietoevry embraces Nodinite


The Latest Version of Nodinite 6.0 Released

On April 4th our CEO, Mikael Olsson held an hour-long livestreamed webinar presenting all the new features and functionality of Nodinite 6.0. Make no mistake, this is a major release. With fifty-plus new features/refinements in Nodinite 6.0 there is more than enough exciting functionality to satisfy both partners and customers alike.

In case you missed the webinar last month the good news is that it is available to view on-demand. Just click here to go to the form to see the Nodinite 6.0 webinar.

Make sure to upgrade to 6.0

Nodinite 6.0 was released on the 4th of April. If your company is still on Nodinite 5.4 you can now update to the latest version. Feel free to contact our support or go to our documentation pages to read about installing updates.


Nodinite Enters yet another Industry

We are happy to announce that we have entered yet another industry! This continues the diversification of industries that see the plethora of benefits that Nodinite offers. The new customer is a large organization in the field of sustainability.

We find that when organizations discover Nodinite and all what our solution offers, that they are impressed. The ability to democratize data pleases not only IT departments but also employees across an organization. One often mentioned example that we like to use is the sales team. Instead of leaving IT departments in charge of supervising everything related to monitoring, logging, and documentation of systems integrations, sales teams can themselves trace what happens to orders that disappear.


Azure and BizTalk Articles on Website

In April we published new informative content on our website about Azure and BizTalk Monitoring and Logging. This is part of our effort to provide more insightful and helpful information about how our solution fits in with Azure and BizTalk.

This will also help explain the why, what, and how Nodinite is a great addition for monitoring, traceability and repository. It is a continuous effort we are making to release relevant content about Azure and BizTalk so it is a good idea to visit our website frequently to discover and read the latest developments.

In case you missed it, below is a list of new articles published on our website in April. Click on link to read the articles.


Follow us on LinkedIn

We have never been inactive on LinkedIn but since 2023 the Marketing and Sales team have kicked into extra gear! News and updates are coming harder and faster than ever before. We are making a concentrated effort to keep our partners, customers, and prospects up to date with our latest activities.

If you want to quickly discover the latest news from our side and what is happening, do make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and not just the newsletter. Are you following Nodinite as intimately as our solution monitors, logs, and documents system integrations?

Link to Nodinite’s LinkedIn page.


Tietoevry Embraces Nodinite

Tietoevry is the Nordics largest IT consultancy and a long-term partner of Nodinite. The Tietoevry – Nodinite is a successful partnership that has progressed for many years.

Earlier we had an opportunity to interview Rakesh Singh, Head of API and Integrations at Tietoevry. In the video Rakesh outlines why Tietoevery embraces Nodinite as a solution.

To see the interview with Rakesh, click here.


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