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BizTalk Monitoring and Logging with Nodinite: The Perfect Combination for Getting the Insights that Matter

Biztalk is one of the most popular middleware products from Microsoft that enables different applications in your infrastructure to seamlessly communicate with each other. In many ways, you can imagine BizTalk as a postal service that delivers messages between applications. Also, BizTalk generates a wealth of information about your overall infrastructure, and can provide the insights you need for proactive troubleshooting and informed decision-making.

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Needless to say, such a central product will need continuous monitoring to ensure that it’s always in good health and performing optimally. Plus, you need a tool to help you make the most of the events logged in Biztalk.

Both the monitoring and logging aspects are best handled by Nodinite, an end-to-end solution that offers extensive monitoring, logging, and documentation for your infrastructure.

Read on as we talk about how Nodinite fits in with BizTalk and the specific features that make it the perfect match for gleaning rich insights from your BizTalk server.

What is Nodinite?

Simply put, Nodinite is a comprehensive logging, monitoring, and documentation tool that works well on on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. It logs message flows for quick troubleshooting, documents events in a single location for easy reference, and comprehensively monitors different platforms to identify deviations. With Nodinite, you can proactively identify issues and fix them before they impact the wider organization.

Azure Monitoring with Nodinite

Microsoft BizTalk Server Integration and Nodinite

Nodinite integrates with BizTalk through its Microsoft BizTalk Server Logging Agent to copy events and messages from multiple servers. Essentially, it replaces the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) portal in BizTalk Server, and provides error-free and accurate visibility into end-to-end business processes in real time.

Now, you might wonder what you can gain by integrating Nodinite with BizTalk, and that’s exactly what we’ll look into next.


Why Use Nodinite for BizTalk?

Nodinite comes with many features that make it the ideal partner for BizTalk. Here’s a look at some of them.

Long-term Archiving2023-04-03T11:47:55+00:00

As mentioned earlier, Nodinite’s Microsoft BizTalk Server Logging Agent copies all events and messages, including promoted properties, and this means, you can easily archive large amounts of data for as long as you want! Finally, you can now have trusted logging and long-term archiving with Nodinite.

Faster and Simpler2023-04-03T11:48:46+00:00

BizTalk servers will run faster and be less error-prone because you can now move large amounts of data to Nodinite. Also, no logging pipeline components are needed for BizTalk servers, as you can enable just port tracking when you use Nodinite.

These changes translate to improved performance of your BizTalk servers, and in turn, they will have a spiraling positive impact on your infrastructure as a whole, as communication between systems will be quicker. In all, using Nodinite can increase the speed of your offerings and improve end-user experience.

Selected Data2023-04-03T11:49:11+00:00

With Nodinite, you can select the data you want to copy from BizTalkDTADb. In particular, you can choose the events, messages including their payload, and context properties that you want to move to Nodinite for further analysis and processing. This flexibility can help you to gain the insights you need for specific outcomes.

Wide Range of Versions2023-04-03T11:49:35+00:00

Nodinite works well on all versions starting from BizTalk 2006 onwards. It has been extensively tested on the following versions and all their editions:

  • BizTalk 2020
  • BizTalk 2016
  • BizTalk 2013 R2
  • BizTalk 2013
  • BizTalk 2010
  • BizTalk 2009
  • BizTalk 2006 R2
  • BizTalk 2006
Accessing Logged Data2023-04-20T08:43:05+00:00

Security is an important concern today, given the growing number of data breaches that happen due to external and internal attacks. Nodinite protects your logged data from unauthorized access by providing role-based access to them.

A Nodinite administrator can create specific log views for each role, so users can access only what’s available for their respective roles.

For example, the below image provides only order-related information for an employee in the Sales department.

Such limited access can greatly reduce the chances of data misuse.

Interaction with Logged Data2023-04-03T11:51:19+00:00

Nodinite not just displays data, but also ensures that users can interact with them in a meaningful way. Users can view a message’s payload, render the message with selected encoding, apply line breaks and word wraps, resend messages, download them, and more. Of course, you must have the privilege for each of the above actions.

When it comes to encoding, Nodinite supports ASCII, Base64, EBCDIC, UTF-16, UTF-8, Windows-1251, and Mime to Text.

Automatic Synchronization2023-04-03T11:51:38+00:00

The BizTalk Log Agent tracks the last tracked event, and synchronizes the newer events when both Nodinite and BizTalk are online again. This synchronization happens automatically, so you don’t have to manually note or track anything.  Also, you can reboot any service without worrying about losing data.

Further Processing2023-04-03T11:51:54+00:00

Nodinite is more than just a logging and archiving service, as it enables you to further process the data to get meaningful insights. Typically, a Nodinite log event is tied to a service that belongs to a system. Here, the system denotes the sending or receiving side of the communication chain while service is the unique message sent to a specific endpoint. With Nodinite, you will no longer be in a blindspot even if your BizTalk tracking is not working.

Multiple Servers2023-04-03T11:52:16+00:00

With Nodinite, you can enable centralized logging from different BizTalk servers, even if they are of different versions or editions. For example, you can connect your PROD, TEST, and DEV BizTalk servers to the Nodinite BizTalk Server Logging Agent to get a comprehensive view of all that’s transpiring across different BizTalk environments. More importantly, these integrations can also help to understand differences and gain actionable insights.

Also, you can use Nodinite to integrate BizTalk with Dynamics 365, Evatic, Basware, and more to create an integrated landscape between different systems.

We are technology agnostic

Nodinite support commonly used integration techniques and platforms including iPaaS, and in addition many related services. With Nodinite you need only one tool to get control of your integration landscape.


Microsoft BizTalk Server





Apache Camel


File Transfer

API / Web applications

Log File Parser

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft SQL Server


Windows Server


50+ more technologies and services to monitor and manage.


The above features undoubtedly make Nodinite the best partner for BizTalk environments, as you can stay on top of its health and performance, and at the same time, gain the insights that matter the most to you.

Do these features sound interesting to you? Do you want your BizTalk server to run faster while you gain the insights that matter the most to you?

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