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As the days get shorter and the weather cools down, we intend to bring some cheer and excitement to counter seasonal apprehension! Delivered every month, readers are given the most unmissable news about Nodinite. So… make sure to follow us. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our readers for their encouragement and feedback.

Here’s a summary of this month’s noteworthy developments!


U.S. Fortune 500 Company Becomes Nodinite Customer

In August Nodinite signed its first Fortune 500 customer! After careful evaluation one of North America’s largest listed companies opted for Nodinite’s tool. In Scandinavia Nodinite already has a strong track record among large organizations and public institutions, so for us an international expansion is a natural progression to grow our customer base.

To read more, click here.


New Nodinite Customer, Municipality Using IBM Integration Technology

We are delighted to announce yet another Swedish municipality became a new customer in August. It is another step in our goal to make Nodinite a trusted tool for government and public institutions not just in Sweden, but across the globe.


Advantages of using Azure Logic Apps with Nodinite

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform with many products and services to help build, run, and manage systems integration solutions. Nodinite is a tool that offers plug-and-play Logging and Monitoring of Logic Apps.

There are several benefits for customers to consider this fact in their Logging and Monitoring strategy:

  • There is a no-vendor lock-in model when using Nodinite (easy to start and easy to leave).
  • There is no need to change the solution to access data.
  • Organizations can have access to all historical data.
  • There is no need to develop or maintain code for Logging and Monitoring.
  • There is no need to test anything before deployment.
  • There is nothing to deploy or redeploy as Logging and Monitoring requirements change, so production will not be interrupted.
  • Time to market is faster because less effort is required to access critical data.
  • All of the above helps reduce the time and money spent on Azure.
  • Frees up scarce resources.

For more information, please visit our docs.nodinite.com page covering Logic Apps Logging Options.


Joint Partner Activity – Omegapoint

Nodinite visiting Omegapoint’s office in Örebro.

On Friday the 8th September Nodinite CEO and founder, Michael Olsson and Henrik Ericsson, Director, Business Development & Partner Management, held presentations in front of Omegapoint consultants from across the region. As part of a joint partner initiative, Omegapoint IT professionals could hear Nodinite’s vision of the future and have a Q&A session with Michael.

Thank you Omegapoint for a wonderful event!

Visit Omegapoint’s website.

About Omegapoint: Founded in 2001, Omegapoint is a leading expert in cybersecurity and cybersecurity digitalisation. The company is partly employee-owned and has a turnover of 1,200 MSEK. The company has approximately 800 employees and offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Drammen, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö, Örebro, Västerås, Enköping, Uppsala and Umeå.


About to Migrate from BizTalk to Azure? Then don’t miss Contica’s Event about ‘The Migration Journey’ on September 28th

With BizTalk Server Support ending in 2030 many corporations and public institutions are wrestling with what comes next. While some organizations are staying put, others are in various stages of planning, or implementing, migrations to iPaaS platforms such as Microsoft Azure.

If you are currently using BizTalk and considering a future migration then don’t miss this event held by Nodinite’s partner Contica on the 28th of September in Gothenburg between 5-9 pm! Sandro Pereira, a BizTalk legend, and consultant for DevScope, discusses how to ease the transition and to best utilize all the opportunities that Azure offers.

Registered participants can also receive a recorded webinar after the event. If you cannot attend in person but want to see the webinar afterwards, then complete the RSVP and and don’t forget to tick the box “I want the recording”.

Please note also that all presentations will be in English. To register for the event, click on the link at the bottom of this section.


  • Elevating Integration – The Roadmap from BizTalk Server to Azure with Sandro Pereira.
  • Design and Infrastructure in Azure: Shaping robust infrastructure with Simon Stender.
  • Azure Integration in Action – BizTalk to Azure Transition Case Studies with Sandro Pereira.

About Contica: Contica is an integration specialist with 25+ employees headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Contica’s consultants have 20+ years of expertise in BizTalk and around 10 years of expertise with Microsoft Azure.

Click here to sign up for Contica’s event. Visit Contica’s website.


Poll of the Month

The results from this month’s poll are in. The question asked was if voters had to use intrusive code to install their system integration monitor tool.

(above: screenshot from the LinkedIn poll, non-clickable)


New Nodinite Learning Web Page & e-Learning Programs

On the 25th of August Nodinite opened its new Learning Centre. A web page wholly dedicated to e-Learning. As Nodinite’s name recognition increases we also appreciate the need for proper training and understanding of how our Operations & Maintenance tool for system integrations work.

The e-Learning programs will also highlight all the cool things Nodinite can accomplish and how it will benefit both partners and customers. So, if you haven’t already signed up for our free Nodinite e-Learning programs already, make sure to do so today!

Link to sign up for e-Learning is found on the Learning Centre page.

Bringing you the 3rd Program:

We are back again with two more modules under the 3rd program for Nodinite Learning. The modules revolve around the further steps you would want to take after you have your Nodinite environment installed and ready to use. These modules would make the most sense only to those who are well versed with setting up and installing Nodinite, for which we have a separate program. To know more, please email us, or visit Nodinite Learn.

Module 1: “How to create a monitoring view and why”.

This program will talk about the following sub-topics:

  • What is a monitoring view?
  • Creating a monitoring view
  • Setting up alarm/ external notifications in situations where there are deviations from the standard.
  • How to add an alarm plug-in?
  • Historical events and distributed notifications.
  • Access management

Module 2: “How to Create a Log View including Search Fields”.

This program will talk about the following:

  • Creating the Log View
  • Adding a search field
  • Enhanced usage: Adding columns to existing Search Field, Search Crtiera, Option Fields, etc.
  • Uses: Alarms, Client or Customer Access, Support, etc.
  • Log Application Agent Filtering

If you are a regular Nodinite user, please let us know over email if there are any specific Nodinite functionality related programs. 😊


Do you know the System Integration Monitoring Tool Trends for 2023? Discover this and more in our New Articles Published in August:

In August we released two exciting new articles that should not be missed! The first piece, “7 System Integration Monitoring Tool Trends for 2023” highlights the seven monitoring tool trends to keep an eye on for this year.

Another article, “5 Limitations of Your Monitoring & Logging Tool for Systems Integrations (And How to Overcome Them)” discusses limitations commonly faced by conventional system integration monitoring and logging tools used for system integrations. It also explains how limitations can be overcome.

A piece that should not be missed also is the white paper “Supercharge Your Azure Monitoring”, about ways that Nodinite complements Azure.

Here are the new articles with links, that were published in August:

5 Limitations of Your Monitoring & Logging Tool for Systems Integrations (And How to Overcome Them)

Welcome to the Nodinite Newsletter for August 2023!

7 System Integration Monitoring Tool Trends for 2023

Supercharge Your Azure Monitoring (downloadable)


Testimonials on social media in August:

Here is the latest testimonial published on LinkedIn. The best way to see social media updates is of course to follow the Nodinite LinkedIn page. That way you are immediately notified by all company updates.

Nodinite is a Ferrari at the cost of a Volvo


Short Story of the Month #1

Below is a short, and highly fictional, tale where Nodinite, a plucky, global do-gooder and overall superhero software tool, solves problems. Every month a new adventure will be included in each newsletter. The stories themselves are imaginary and are of course a not-so-subtle reference to how Nodinite’s tool helps organizations in the real world.

Read and enjoy!

Nodinite – Champion of Democratized Data Everywhere!

Nodinite solved a tricky challenge. It had recently been sold to a company with an overburdened and unhappy IT department. In this organization only a few select individuals had access to monitoring, logging, and repository of system integration. Most employees were kept in the dark if something went wrong and all IT-related problems for thousands of staff members were expected to be handled by a mere handful of IT professionals.

The previous tools for system integrations were excellent but the cost per license had been prohibitively expensive! So, despite having billions of dollars in annual turnover, only the most senior professionals in the IT department actually supervised monitoring and logging of hundreds of integrations. This limited access was causing stress and it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage workloads efficiently. Recently there was a blame-game going on if a system integration failed because of the time it took to resolve outstanding issues.

Nodinite enters the scene

This is when Nodinite replaced the old system integration monitoring and logging tools. There had been some internal resistance to change but those objections vanished overnight after Nodinite was implemented. Its mere existence encouraged democratizing data because now there was no extra cost attached to adding new users within the company. It also increased transparency by giving everyone role-based access into what was happening within their department.

Everyone from administration, to support to sales teams could finally gain some visibility into transactions taking place. By delegating tasks these same departments could also help by following up issues that affected day-to-day activities.

For instance, the support team were happier dealing with basic monitoring and logging, issues related to system integrations directly instead of automatically referring tickets to the IT department. Support felt empowered and it was often faster to try to solve an issue internally because they were aware of the IT department’s heavy workload.

The introduction of Nodinite meant that no longer did one person or small group of people hold all the knowledge; instead, others could be involved as well. The stressed-out team in the IT department now had more time to focus on other important tasks as well as having greater collaboration with others within the company – meaning better morale overall and happier employees everywhere!

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