Become a partner

Why become a
Nodinite partner?

Becoming a Nodinite partner enables you to offer your customers the best-in-class platform to get in control of their workflows. We will provide you with everything you need to evolve your business and become a prefered partner for system integrations maintenance.

As a partner you gain benefits such as:

  • Volume discount

  • Training program

  • Sales leads
  • Market exposure

Sales leads

Nodinite own sales team is generating qualified sales leads. for you as a partner. This includes sales and delivery of training and various consultancy services. A great way to expand your business.

Training program

As a Nodinite partner you are responsible to deliver Nodinite to your customers and to make sure you deliver the right thing at the right time, we want to help you giving you access to our training. The certification program is designed to help you and your colleagues to master Nodinite.

Marketing support

As a Nodinite partner you will market and sell Nodinite to your customers. We want to help you getting access to our certification program. This includes access to Nodinite’s marketing and sales support material as well as invitations to regular product information events.

Evolve our product & your business

As a partner, your opinion counts. We will together with you evolve Nodinite so it optimizes the value for your customers as part of your service offering or as a software tool for O&M.

Team Nodinite

4 Steps in becoming a Nodinite partner


What do our Partners say?

Jan-Erik Johansson
iBiz Solutions

“That is how we create superior user experiences across the enterprise. Optimize system integration productivity. It is through our methodology in combination with Nodinite we can control costs to build business resilience in a changing world.“

Picture of Patric Kronberg, Baseline Manager at Enfo

Patric Kronberg

”Nodinite is a core part of our Integration Baseline framework used to keep control of our and our customers’ integrations, giving us a unique insight into the integration landscape independently of what integration technology is used.”

Andreas Hansson

“Through a simple installation, Nodinite gives us comprehensive monitoring with several features at a fixed price. Nodinite saves time when troubleshooting and gives us unique possibilities for automatic measures both reactively and proactively.”

Henrik Mörner

”We work with Nodinite as the product provides great functionality, and a comprehensive set of features, which enhance the ability to display, gather, monitor, and present a complete picture of our clients’ system integration landscapes.”