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Welcome to the Nodinite Newsletter for October!

Last Updated: December 21, 2023|

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Greetings! We are excited to share some of our most recent achievements and updates with you. Here’s a summary of this month’s noteworthy developments!


Customer News: Nodinite Celebrates that yet Another Energy Company Selects Nodinite

In September another new customer became the latest user of our monitoring, logging, and repository tool. This time a large Nordic energy company joined the Nodinite family through one of our partners. They join several energy companies that are already using Nodinite.


Marketing Latest: Push to Enter the UK Market

In October we launched a new marketing campaign directed at the UK market. The UK is a logical next step for expanding our brand and capabilities given the larger size of the market and proximity to Sweden. This includes using different channels and multiple touchpoints. Nodinite already has access to a local partner who can provide support and expertise for new UK customers.

If you know someone in the UK who could benefit from Nodinite or who would find this interesting, pls do forward this newsletter to them or feel free to get in touch with us directly via the Contact Us page on our website!

We appreciate your support in sharing this great information with your friends and colleagues.


Developers Corner: PowerShell Already Helping Customers

In July’s newsletter we wrote about the ability to use PowerShell scripts to perform custom monitoring. We are happy to announce that we have received feedback from partners and customers that PowerShell is already being used in great ways.

One customer has, with the help of the PowerShell capabilities, added Linux and Linux capabilities. One of our partners is also writing a script to monitor system integrations using PowerShell. The ability to use PowerShell scripts provides capacity that makes Nodinite’s tool even more valuable.


Partner Activities: BizTalk to Azure – The Migration Journey, a Contica Event with Sandro Pereira

On the 28th of September Contica hosted an event at their Gothenburg offices titled “The Migration Journey”, discussing the transition from BizTalk to Azure. It is a hot topic of discussion amongst system integration circles. Guest of honour of the evening was Sandro Pereira, Microsoft MVP Azure and Contica’s own Simon Stender, Solution Architect. In integration architecture circles Sandro is well-known for his knowledge and experience in Azure.

Nodinite also attended the event and Henrik Ericsson, Director, Business Development & Partner Management (pictured above) gave a brief presentation about Seamless Monitoring in a hybrid environment”, an upcoming event to be held jointly with Contica.

Thank you Contica for a well-organized and enjoyable evening!


New Partnership Discussions

A couple of new partnership discussions are taking place. Before selecting a partner Nodinite and prospective partners follow an onboarding process to ensure that we are a good match for each other. The ongoing discussions taking place are with companies that mostly cover markets outside of Scandinavia. We hope to deliver more formal partnership announcements shortly.

On the topic of partnerships and the ongoing UK marketing campaign, Nodinite intends to further strengthen our presence locally in Britain. If you know of a consultancy or managed service provider in the UK that you believe could be a good match with Nodinite, we would be very happy to hear from you! Feel free to contact a staff member at Nodinite or send a message via the Contact Us page on our website.


Poll of the Month

Here are the results from this month’s poll held on LinkedIn. Stay tuned for the next poll for November.


New Nodinite Learn Program – How to do Logic App Agent Filtering

In October additional modules will go live. Our Nodinite learning platform for partners and customers continues to be strengthened. The latest e-Learning program will cover the following:

  • How To Do Logic App Agent Filtering
    • Why Logic App Agent Filtering
    • Design: Options for filerting
    • Further ways to reduce traffic
    • Benefits of using tracked property

This will be the 4th program on our platform which makes it more than 110 minutes (about 2 hours) of Nodinite learning.

Be sure not to miss it and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the e-Learning content. please send us an email at education@nodinite.com.

OR if you or your colleague want to sign up for it, please visit this link.


Have you read about how Nodinite complements Azure monitoring? Discover this and more in our News Articles Published in September

One of the absolute highlights last month is of course the announcement of a Fortune 500 customer becoming a Nodinite customer.

Another interesting article for organizations using BizTalk and considering a migration to Azure, is the article about how to manage the transition seamlessly with Nodinite.

Here are September’s articles, along with links, that we published on our website.

How to Manage the Monitoring Migration Journey from BizTalk to Azure while Transitioning Seamlessly with Nodinite

North American Fortune 500 Company Selects Nodinite After Thorough Investigation

Welcome to the Nodinite Newsletter for September!

How Nodinite Complements Azure Monitoring


Testimonial from Ahmed Bayoumy at Contica

Below is a testimonial published on LinkedIn in September. The best way to see social media updates is of course to follow the Nodinite LinkedIn page. That way you are immediately notified by all company updates.

Hear from Ahmed Bayoumy at Contica, our esteemed partner, why he loves the reporting capabilities of Nodinite


Monthly short story #2 – Monitoring Non-Events

Below is a short, and highly fictional, tale where Nodinite, a plucky, global do-gooder and overall superhero software tool, solves problems. Every month a new adventure will be included in each newsletter. The stories themselves are imaginary and are of course a not-so-subtle reference to how Nodinite’s tool helps organizations in the real world.

Read and enjoy!

Once Upon a Time Nodinite Helped a Customer with Non-Event Monitoring

As an IT support specialist at a major multinational manufacturing company Lisa monitored transactions and message flows across the organization. If something went wrong, it was up to her to track down potential issues and arrange to have them fixed. Most of the time it was a low-stress role. Even though the company had integrations counting in the hundreds, everything from on-premises, old legacy systems to modern, in the cloud technology solutions, there were few emergencies.

In recent years the company has been using a sophisticated monitoring and logging tool with a plethora of features. It was expensive to use but it did its job well. Everyone was happy.

At the end of each month, Lisa compiled statistics of message flows, failures or error messages, and other data.

Normally monitoring business message flows would be a standard run of the mill procedure but not this month. Lisa noticed something unusual. The average number of transactions had decreased. “That’s funny” Lisa thought to herself. A closer inspection revealed that monthly message flows had dropped for three straight months.

“How strange, it should be picking up and not going down.” Lisa muttered to herself as she went to show her findings to a colleague. There was an understanding that the company’s use of IT was increasing, not decreasing. For years data transactions had steadily increased.

Something was clearly not right. Further research and analysis revealed that many of the expected transactional messages never arrived at their intended destinations. What was more worrying was that their current monitoring and logging tool, for all its comprehensive and expensive features, did not monitor or send alerts for non-events.

Every System Integration Problem Needs a Solution

After discussing it with her manager, Lisa decided that they needed to find a new tool to monitor and log system integrations. One that could pick up when expected non-events failed to occur and which could instruct relevant systems to re-send it.

In the process of finding a new tool they also discovered that it was also going to be a costly and messy process to extract the company from their current monitoring solution. Their current provider used a vendor lock-in model which made it difficult to switch vendors.

Fortunately for Lisa, and her multinational company, she had heard about Nodinite. A software tool specialized in monitoring, logging, and repository of system integrations. Their tool also had a function for monitoring non-events.

After visiting the website, signing up for a proof-of-concept demo (POC) and later having a guided demo together with several IT colleagues, Lisa and her team settled for Nodinite. It was the best decision they made that year! Nodinite had lived up to Lisa’s high expectations. It was well-priced with unlimited users under the company license. The best part was also that Nodinite had a no vendor lock-in model!

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