Experience end-to-end logging and monitoring of all your systems integrations and have a centralized repository and documentation tool

Pick monitoring, pick logging or centralized documentation. Or even better, pick all three. This is what we do! Check out how customers are using Nodinite here.

What you previously needed several products for, you now only need one.

Nodinite collects all type of logging and monitoring of your system integrations into one single platform. Focus on your core business – avoid frustration and improve your business performance.

Centralized Documentation and Repository

Get a clear view of the process

Nodinite lets you understand your business message flows through detailed visuals. Document your integrations and share it with other users.

  • Enhance collaboration

  • Save time & troubleshoot faster

  • Democratization of data outside the IT department

For a full description of all Nodinite repository, CMDB, and documentation features, please click here.


Reduce stress with Nodinite monitoring

You will always know when and where something is wrong and can quickly act, before it has consequences for the business

  • Alerts and non-events
  • Alerts to all stakeholders

  • Perform remote actions

For a full description of Nodinite monitoring features, please click here.


Track your message flows to streamline your business

Nodinite centralizes all available logs of your business critical workflows and enables your business to find the answers they are looking for.

  • Log business message data

  • Create log views for IT, sales, finance

  • End-to-end logging

For a full description of Nodinite logging features, please click here.

Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide in all industry sectors
Nodinite software

Here are some examples of the many features included 

A simple drag and drop integration landscape enabling you to easy document both existing and new workflows with ease.
Nodinite tells you when something is wrong with a clear overview of what went wrong, when and why. Combined with our integration landscape, you solve issues in no time.
When something is wrong, we know that you want to fix it directly, wasting no time. Remote Control enables you to fix problems from within Nodinite. Start and stop services or even empty queues if needed. Nodinite has no limits.

While looking at data, it is important to understand it. Our stylesheets feature allows you transform the data using XSLT into a format your users are used to. Why not transform invoice XMLs to the original invoice format.

With Nodinite, archiving is not an issue. Sometimes we have to store data from a legal perspective for several years. Nodinite provides an easy-to-use archive that makes it simple to store you data as much as you want, as long as you want.

Provide different roles in your organization to get the answers they are looking for by themselves. A real time saver!

Nodinite is highly extensible and multiple SDKs are provided. Easy to use, easy to extend. Monitor & Log agents, alerts, stylesheet, search fields, you name it!

Create your own reports, analyze statistics and bring your data to life with detailed visuals. Spot trends and take your business to the next level.

It does not matter if you are searching for bills or customer data. With Nodinite you will always be able to find it, no matter what platform you are using. Nodinite has built in support for logging of many integration platforms.

Providing data is one thing, but to provide data that is understandable is another. Nodinite allows you to design your messages and view them in the format you are used to.

When problems occur you need to find what went wrong and why. Nodinite simplifies the process of finding your data, making it easy for your organization to find what they want in no time.

Centralized documentation for your workflows is a need in modern integration landscapes. Nodinite is your place to go for your integration maintenance and documentation is available when needed.

Nodinite has built-in support for monitoring many different integration platforms and since Nodinite is built on an API architecture, our SDK’s provide a simple way for you to monitor basically everything.

What if a transaction that you are expecting does not arrive? Nodinite does not only monitor all events that are occurring throughout the integration chain, it also keeps track of the so-called non-events.

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What do they say about Nodinite?


Find out why some of the most well known organisations in the Nordics use Nodinite in their daily operations.

”Nodinate is our primary tool for our BizTalk transactions. Without Nodinate we would have a lot of reactive response on different tasks that we otherwise couldn’t handle.”

/Jens Lindgren, OVAKO

Andrejs Atea

Andrejs Skiteckis
Director, ADS Integration Services

“By using the Nodinite self-service function we are saving the IT group many hours since it allows us to search and find transactions by ourselves without having to make a request to the central IT group.”

Magnus Linell System analyst

Magnus Linell
Systems Analyst


”Troubleshooting, business support, monitoring, logging, ocumentation, alarm management, remote control and self-service are all areas where Nodinite helps us save time.”

Linda Malmros
BizTalk Developer

”The business can see for itself what is coming through, for example, X-rays with test results to the journal, financial transactions, and much more.”

Daniel wennlind

Daniel Wennlind
Integration specialist


”Nodinite was selected because of its strength as a complete product for the complete integration chain, from development and logging to support and management.”