Welcome to the Nodinite Monthly Newsletter for April 2023! The show must go on…

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March was, as always, a busy month for Nodinite. That said, we have plenty of exciting news to share, let us jump straight in. Here are our headlines for April:

  • Nodinite 6.0 Release Webinar in April
  • 2 Big Customers in March!
  • New Nodinite Employees Recruited
  • 2023 Annual Nodinite Conference in Sälen
  • Partner & Customer Education eLearning Coming Soon


Nodinite 6.0 Release Webinar in April

At 12.00 noon (Central European Time), on the 4th of April 2023, we held a webinar to introduce Nodinite 6.0. The event covered the latest version as well as highlight all updates and improvements. With this major release we are leaving the 5.4 series and instead starting with a clean slate again with 6.0.

Nodinite is your one-stop-shop for logging and monitoring solutions with a rigorous Knowledge Repository. During the webinar, we’ll highlight Nodinite’s capabilities and showcase the biggest version release ever – Nodinite 6.0, powered by Interactive Landscape for convenient navigation between integrations on one screen.

The webinar provided an overview of Nodinite’s market leading solution for monitoring, logging, and documentation of system integrations.

This release has been a long time coming and we are excited to be able to share this news with partners, customers, and prospects.

Click here to view the Nodinite 6.0 webinar.


2 Big Customers in March!

We are delighted to announce that the Nodinite rocket keeps reaching new heights! In March two new customers signed up with us. Both are large organizations in need of our logging, monitoring and documentation solution for their multiple platforms and system integrations.

With virtually no churn among our existing customer base the addition of new customers means that Nodinite continues to build momentum. Our exciting journey is gaining momentum and we look forward to sharing more good news in 2023.


New Employees Recruited

In March Christer Eriksson and Justin Gainsford joined Nodinite. Christer as a Senior Software Developer and Justin as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Say hello Christer, Nodinite’s newest member of the Development team! With Nodinite 6.0’s impending release and no shortage of exciting product enhancement ideas for the future, the arrival is very timely indeed. Christer has years of developing experience and an extensive background from working in the banking sector. His skills and background are an excellent addition to the team!

Say g’day also to Justin, Nodinite’s most recent addition to the Sales & Marketing team! With a strengthened focus on building further momentum in 2023, more resources were needed for Marketing. Justin has worked extensively in the IT industry and has had roles related to Sales & Marketing. In the past ten years he has worked with sales copy, marketing, content creation and SEO.


2023 Annual Nodinite Conference in Sälen

Meet Nodinite!

(From left to right: Waseem, Arvid, Henrik, Michael, Christer & Justin. Mehtab and Patrik missing in photo)

Sälen is a Swedish ski resort location in Dalarna near the border to Norway. Between the 13-15th of March Nodinite held our annual conference in the “Swedish Alps”. When not devouring plenty of bacon for breakfast or engaging in ski-related activities, participants were busy discussing Nodinite’s road ahead.

During the conference participants engaged in group discussions, reflections, sharing ideas and best practices. Everyone is ready and looking forward to an exciting 2023!


Partner & Customer Education eLearning Coming Soon

Learning how to install, set up and run Nodinite is not rocket science. In fact, using Nodinite for monitoring, logging and documenting systems integrations is a relatively straightforward process. Much thanks the documentation section that is available on Nodinite’s website. This is feedback we often hear from both partners and customers. It is an IT solution that makes it easier and not the other way around.

To further help our partners and customers, we are working on an eLearning platform that will make it easier to install, configure and manage Nodinite. This will enable users of Nodinite to learn more about the product and its benefits. Successful completion of all modules means that users are certified by us.

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