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Nodinite and Solita Announce Partnership

Last Updated: December 7, 2023|

Nodinite and Solita are happy to announce that they have entered into a partnership. Combining Nodninte’s market leading software tool for monitoring, logging, and a repository for system integrations, with Solita’s world-class enterprise delivery and next-gen technology services. The partnership also aligns with Nodinites’ long-term goal of reaching a global audience.

On November 27th, both parties signed the partnership agreement. This means Solita is now officially a certified Nodinite partner. This co-operation is a major win-win for both companies. It furthers Nodinite’s European presence and global ambitions while at the same time strengthening Solita’s product portfolio. Nodinite now has 11 certified partners that we work closely with.

The expectation from all parties is that this partnership will increase the number of customers using Nodinite. Solita can now offer Nodinite to every large customer in their portfolio. Nodinite will in turn will provide expert insights, support, and training to Solita staff.

The signed partnership came after a period of evaluation and discussion. The benefit of engaging in a lengthy onboarding process, for both parties, is the certainty that this is become a proactive partnership.

Mattias Wuori, SVP Cloud & Connectivity Sweden, Solita. “As we embark on this strategic partnership with Nodinite, our central goal is to enhance the visibility of our clients’ processes. By seamlessly integrating their solutions into our services, our aim is to offer customers enriched insights and a clearer perspective on their IT landscape. This collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering impactful and visible results for our clients while fostering the democratization of their data.”

Henrik Ericsson, Director, Business Development & Partner Management, Nodinite. “The partnership with Solita mark another milestone for Nodinite. Solita´s experts in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, Norway, Germany, and Poland represents a great potential to extend the reach to larger market. Solita’s expertise in a multitude of leading integration platforms forms perfect match with Nodinite. Resulting in a complete monitoring solution for all needs throughout the life cycle of each and every systems integration.”

About Solita: Solita is technology, data, and design group founded in Finland in 1996. Amongst its value proposition is development of IT services and information management solutions for companies and public enterprises. Today Solita employs 1,800+ professionals and has offices in seven countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium. www.solita.fi.

About Nodinite: Established in 2012 in Karlstad, Sweden, Nodinite is a software product company that provides end-to-end logging, monitoring and documentation for all system integration and message flows, from legacy to cloud. It is an all-in-one tool for integration management, DevOps, support, and maintenance. With Nodinite, users are always aware, can control important message flows and can quickly act on deviations. Nodinite democratizes data, providing full landscape visibility and increased control for business users. www.nodinite.com.

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