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  • Enable Self-Service for the business

    Help, what happened to Order 133-7? A lorry can’t get past the gates, and it’s missing the customs declaration… When can you fix this? [...]

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  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences follows in the footsteps of Uppsala University and Luleå University of Technology

    With 6400 students and 1900 employees, NMBU is an important institution in Norwegian society. NMBU's research and study programmes enable [...]

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  • New website live

    We are proud to announce that we have launched a new website,! The new site has been developed during [...]

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  • Nodinite strengthens the top by recruiting a new chairman!

    To strengthen Nodinite's ability to scale up its operations, Martin Sjöstrand has been recruited as the board's new Chairman. [...]

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  • A brief 2021 market outlook

    Another year with a pandemic hit the world. Industries around the globe have been severely affected and have survived due [...]

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  • Senior Software engineer for next generation Nodinite

    Nodinite is accelerating! The product Nodinite is in use by close to 100 large companies, including 12 of Sweden's 100 [...]

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