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With summer right around the corner in Sweden we hope that this newsletter catches our readers basking in sunshine and pleasant temperatures. With several exciting items on the agenda, let’s dive straight into the latest from Nodinite for this month:


Happy Days – Nodinite Education – an e-Learning place – launches by end of June

We are delighted to announce that at the end of June, we expect to officially kickstart the Nodinite e-learning Education for partners and customers! Initially, e-learning will cover the following programs:

  1. Getting to know Nodinite: This comprises of 3 modules which will be ice-breaking videos around getting to know the 3 pillars of Nodinite, packaged in one product:
    1. Introduction to Nodinite Logging
    2. Introduction to Nodinite Monitoring
    3. Introduction to Nodinite’s Repository coupled with Interactive Landscape
  2. Nodinite – Install and Configure Certification: This will comprise of 4 modules surrounding planning and pre-requisites, install and update tool followed by installation & configuration (divided into 2 parts). Each module takes less than 13 minutes to complete.

Here are some great reasons to get certified:

  • It is an accreditation that can be added to the resume!
  • One of the issues we are aware of is differing skill levels and awareness of Nodinite functionality, even among frequent users. Achieving certification means having a recognized skill and knowledge level.
  • Nodinite is a terrific tool with a 3-in-1 offering in that it has monitoring, logging, and repository for system integrations in the same tool. The e-learning training will help demonstrate all the benefits that can be achieved by using Nodinite. This in turn will help improve understanding of the potential that can be unlocked. Or seen from another perspective: it is impossible to improve what you are not aware of today.
  • Keep up to date with our latest updates and features.

Nodinite Certification

Expand your working knowledge of Nodinite through e-learning whilst simultaneously working towards certification. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the pack! If you are a partner or customer and have not received an invitation to sign up for the e-learning Education by the end of August, take the initiative and contact us directly.

We want to stress that completing the e-learning certification is free of charge and that invites will be sent out shortly to customers and partners. It could be a great idea to commence the Nodinite e-learning training during the summer period when office life tends to slow down.

Level up, learn Nodinite – specialists in protecting and preserving your systems!


New Developer Recruited to our Global Team in Karlstad!

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the newest member of our team – Priya Kolukuri! Priya joined Nodinite’s developer team at the beginning of June. She will initially focus on testing and quality assurance. With this addition, Nodinite strengthens our ability to provide future releases that are thoroughly tested.

Priya is skilled in several programming language and has degrees in IT from both India and Sweden. She will be moving shortly to Karlstad and joins the Karlstad development team.


Nodinite doesn’t do anything else than “this”

We have always known that we are doing something different, something unique, and something better than anyone else. We have known this since 2012. This understanding is based on the excellent feedback we have received from our customers and partners, who are leaders in their respective industries.

Here are seven strong reasons why we, Nodinite, stand out from the rest of the field!

Logging, monitoring, and Nodinite repository in one tool

Explained: We are not aware of any other tool in the market that combines the same positive synergies between monitoring, logging, and Nodinite repository functionality for system integrations. Nodinite is in a unique market position.

No intrusive code needed in target systems/applications

Explained: Many tools require coding as part of their installation to be able to monitor or log system integrations. It can make the installation process messy and difficult as well as challenging to maintain the code in different systems. Not to mention that not every company is happy to integrate an external monitoring and logging tool in this way. In contrast, Nodinite can be applied without the use of intrusive code.

Nodinite doesn’t do anything else than “this”

Explained: Monitoring, logging, and Nodinite repository of system integrations is the one thing we do! It is Nodinite’s sole focus. We have a narrower market segment which allows us to provide a great product. It also allows us to be agile and responsive to our customers.

Our business model has one fixed price per customer

Explained: When a customer acquires Nodinite, they pay one license fee and get unlimited licenses for the entire organization. It does not matter if there are 3 users or 300 users, the monthly license cost stays the same. There is a certainty for our customers in that they can forecast the annual cost of using Nodinite, even if the number of users frequently changes.

Democratizing data the way we do

Explained: Nodinite encourages data democratization. What this means is that customers can delegate functions to their sales, administration, and support teams. This ability to assign and outsource tasks is helped by the fact that there is no extra license fee when adding more Nodinite users. This results in happier organizations when tasks can be delegated and dealt with immediately.

Non-event monitoring of system integrations

Explained: Nodinite can send alerts when traffic patterns deviate from normal behaviour. This is a great way to detect when there are anomalies in message flows.

Technology agnostic

Explained: With Nodinite you need only one tool to get control of your integration landscape. There is no need to be reliant on multiple tools to monitor system integrations for different technology platforms.


Why did PEAB choose Nodinite? Read this and more in our Articles Published in May

Below are links to thoughtful and informative articles published by Nodinite last month. Interested in system integrations or current monitoring trends? Peruse the list to get new food for thought. It is a cliché we know, but no-one is ever too old to learn new things.


Want to know what our Partners say about Nodinite? Check out our Latest Videos

In case you are not on LinkedIn and missed it, as of this month’s newsletter we will begin listing all Nodinite videos published each month. For May we will also include a few videos from April as well. Make sure to check them out to hear what customers and partners say about Nodinite!


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