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Why Nodinite exist


Never before has the pace of change in ICT been greater. Organizations need for new integrations has come to a record. The DNA of Nodinite is to keep order and control in this complex systems integration landscape.


We are a product company based in Sweden, but we strive to reach the whole world. Our vision is that Nodinite is the number one on the market for system integration maintenance software by 2025.


One customer use case at a time we are innovating and transforming what is possible to do and automate with Nodinite. We won’t stop until our customers are as efficient as they can be.

Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide in all industry sectors
Mission statement

The story behind Nodinite

Why should you waste time on things that are not part of your core business? We asked ourselves the same question. Our answer? Nodinite – a product that lets organizations in all sizes take control of business-critical information.

Nodinite started with a clear mission: to no longer let system integrations prevent business growth. In some kind of way our own core business is to make it possible for you to focus on yours. By letting our product take care of the stuff behind the scenes, such as logging and monitoring of system integrations, you can relax and spend time on other things that are more clearly connected to your company’s mission.

Nodinite provides true end-to-end logging, monitoring and documentation for all system integration and messages flows, from legacy to cloud. Nodinite is an all in one tool for integration management, DevOps, support and maintenance. With Nodinite, users are always aware, can control vital message flows and can rapidly act on deviations. Nodinite democratizes data, provides full landscape visibility and increased control for business users. More than 100 leading brands in the northern Europe region is using Nodinite.

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Product features

Nodinite provides all the features you need to control your message flows and correct potential errors quickly and easily.

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