All your integration logging, monitoring and documentation in one place

Nodinite collects all type of integration logging and monitoring of your integrations into a single platform. You can simply focus on your core business - avoid stress and improve business performance.

Keep track of your business transactions

All the information that flows through the integration platforms can be logged and archived. Logged messages are encrypted and compressed to conserve space and to prevent unauthorized access to the data. Nodinite logs what you want as much as you want for as long as you want.

Business Downtime Prevention

Fix your problems faster and get true End-to-End integration monitoring. Out of the box support for many platforms making it easy to get started, as well as remote control functionality, enabling you to solve problems with ease. Save both stress and time!

Standardized and modern documentation

Let your users gain access and insights to your valuable documentation sharing the information and creating a foundation for true co-operation when and where needed.

Design and document your integrations in a totally unique way like never seen before

Using Nodinite's simple drag and drop landscape you are not just designing your integration, you are documenting it in the most modern way.

Find your partner

Get in touch with one of our partners to see Nodinite in action!

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Nodinite took our integration landscape to higher levels. Giving us better control and the possibility to quickly find improvements from both a technical and process perspective. Nodinite helps us to improve Self-Service and gives us control over our data.
Victor Lysell - Ambea

Ovako Sweden AB chose Nodinite as its primary monitoring platform for both BizTalk and SQL Server due to its easy-to-use interface and the possibility to give our business control over their applications. After we have adopted Nodinite, the areas of use have been increased, Nodinite is even being used for server and website monitoring. One contributing factor the the success has been the great cooperation with Nodinite that always has been helpful and gives fast support. Due to Nodinite, Ovako has been able to save alot of time that our DBA's and BizTalk-administrators would have put into manually monitoring the platform.
Jens Lindgren - IT-technician Ovako

We have great benefits using Nodinite while troubleshooting and to keep our integrations in order.
Mathias Wennberg - Region Gävleborg

More features for you

Nodinite is built from ground up to support your needs and offers powerful features for you to achieve your goals.

Draw your Integrations

A simple drag and drop integration landscape enabling you to easy document both existing and new workflows with ease.

Self-Service Portal

Provide different roles in your organization to get the answers they are looking for by themselves. A real time saver!


Nodinite tells you when something is wrong with a clear overview of what went wrong, when and why. Combined with our integration landscape, you solve issues in no time.

Remote control

When something is wrong, we know that you want to fix it directly, wasting no time. Remote Control enables you to fix problems from within Nodinite. Start and stop services or even empty queues if needed. Nodinite has no limits.


While looking at data, it is important to understand it. Our stylesheets feature allows you transform the data using XSLT into a format your users are used to. Why not transform invoice XMLs to the original invoice format.

Long-Time Archive

With Nodinite, archiving is not an issue. Sometimes we have to store data from a legal perspective for several years. Nodinite provides an easy-to-use archive that makes it simple to store you data as much as you want, as long as you want.

Find your data

When problems occur you need to find what went wrong and why. Nodinite simplifies the process of finding your data, making it easy for your organization to find what they want in no time.


Centralized documentation for your workflows is a need in modern integration landscapes. Nodinite is your place to go for your integration maintenance and documentation is available when needed.


Nodinite is highly extensible and multiple SDKs are provided. Easy to use, easy to extend. Monitor & Log agents, alerts, stylesheet, search fields, you name it!