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Welcome to the Nodinite Monthly Newsletter for July 2023

Last Updated: December 21, 2023|

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We wish all customers, partners, and friends a relaxing and enjoyable summer with pleasant days and entertaining evenings! Since most offices are usually empty during July, business also tends to slow down. That said, at Nodinite we continue to support users and to provide all of you with important news. This is the latest from us.


Nodinite Education is Up and Running

In June we officially opened the Nodinite Education. It is an online on-the-go platform to learn (at your own pace) how to install and use Nodinite (with best industry practices). By learning to use Nodinite, be the IT hero that every company demands. Currently, online training currently consists of 2 different programs covering Nodinite with a total of 7 modules. As you pass each program, you earn an achievement to boast about to your friends and colleagues on Linkedin. Stay tuned, we will keep adding modules on how to best use Nodinite and help save your company a chunk of human and monetary resources.

As the training is rolled out, we have invited most, yet not all, partners to start the process of better understanding the three pillars of Nodinite through e-Learning. It’s therefore a joy to have already received requests from partners eager to sign up for the training.

If you are a Nodinite partner and have not yet received an invitation to take part in the e-Learning, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Send an email to education@nodinite.com with details (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME AND WORK EMAIL) about the users you want the access for and we will invite them to the platform via an email invitation. Feel free to send us questions or queries on the above given email.


Powerful PowerShell Script – Perform Custom Monitoring in Nodinite

Nodinite has released a new feature to support using PowerShell scripts to perform custom monitoring. As developers are well-aware, PowerShell is an object-oriented automation engine and scripting language with an interactive command-line shell that is designed to help IT departments to configure systems and automate administrative tasks.

The newly released feature allows customers to execute custom scripts to perform monitoring using self-service enabled monitor views. There is less need to create a self-built monitoring agent to add powerful custom monitoring. If you execute the PowerShell script it will run on its own in Nodinite and return data to you. It can also deploy code throughout Nodinite. Without the PowerShell script it would otherwise be necessary to create a monitoring agent to achieve the same outcome.


  • Execute virtually any PowerShell script
  • Use for custom monitoring
  • Allow end-users to execute scripts as remote actions on demand.

We hope that the PowerShell script feature will thrill our partners and customers as much as it excites us! Click on the link to read more about PowerShell on the docs.nodinite.com page.


New Career page on website

Although there are currently no openings announced at Nodinite, we do want to highlight that we are always interested in people with the right skillset who can contribute to Nodinite.  Skilled developers are always welcome to get in touch with us. To accommodate candidates with interest in joining our journey we added a new Careers page to the website in June.

Click here to visit the new Careers page.


Lantmännen Chooses Nodinite!

We are happy to announce that yet another high-profile well-known brand in the Nordics has selected Nodinite as their vendor of choice. Lantmännen is Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. Lantmännen is a Swedish agricultural cooperative, owned jointly by 18,000 farmers and with an annual turnover of greater than 60 billion SEK.

To visit Lantmännen, click here.


New Articles Published in June

We published relatively few new articles in June compared to the month of May but fear not, this is not because the Marketing Department has fallen asleep behind the wheel. Rather it is because we are working on producing a couple of larger, technical, and qualitative articles. Remember to check the Nodinite website regularly to find the latest updates. In the meantime, here are the new articles released in June:

Can I Have a Cloud-Based Nodinite Version and what is meant by Managed Services?

Nodinite Monthly Newsletter for June 2023


Check out our Latest Testimonials

Here are the testimonials from partners and customers that were published on LinkedIn and our website in June. To see all social media updates released in June, make sure visit and follow the Nodinite LinkedIn page.

Nodinite in Real-World Action!

The Gains from Leveraging Nodinite

Try Nodinite Before you Buy it


How to Cancel Your Subscription

However improbable it might seem; it does happen that some of our readers may wish to end their subscription to the newsletter or information about the Nodinite product. Of course, we value all our subscribers and don’t want to lose you, but we also understand that there is the right time and place for everything.

It should therefore be comforting to know that all our emails come with an ‘Unsubscribe’ option. Scroll to the very bottom of any email to find it.

(Above image shows what the unsubscribe button looks like)

Once Unsubscribe has been clicked then you will be taken to a page to confirm that you no longer wish to receive any notifications from Nodinite. And… your done! Hopefully this will help.

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