Kazuko IT has developed an ActiveMQ Artemis Nodinite monitoring agent

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Kazoku Develops Nodinite Monitoring Agent for ActiveMQ Artemis

Last Updated: January 9, 2024|

If you have never heard of Kazoku IT until now, here are three important takeaways to remember. The first is that they are all about the business of integrations, from BizTalk to Azure. This makes Kazoku and Nodinite ideal partners. Secondly, they are an IT consultancy with offices in Gothenburg and Karlstad in Sweden that packs an outsized punch for their size. Thirdly, and perhaps most important of all, Kazuko has developed a Nodinite monitoring agent for ActiveMQ Artemis.

What Kazoku’s skilled developers have created is an agent whose sole purpose is to take advantage of alarm management in Nodinite for ActiveMQ Artemis environments. It is the first monitoring agent created by a Nodinite partner that we have heard about. Surely it will not be the last.

Future of Monitoring Agents

The future of monitoring agents is coming! Long gone are the days of IT businesses twiddling their thumbs while waiting for their preferred software partner to create helpful tools. Fortune favors the bold and Nodinite fully applauds and endorses Kazoku’s initiative that enables even more organizations to start using Nodinite.

The trigger for Kazoku to develop a monitoring agent for Nodinite originated with one of their customers. This particular customer had invested huge amounts of resources into implementing ActiveMQ Artemis as a messaging platform. The existing set of tools for the platform were not sufficient and since Nodinite currently does not support Artemis platforms, it was an easy decision for Kazoku to prioritize the development of their own agent.

Benefits from Using Agents like ActiveMQ Artemis on Nodinite?

One of the big questions of course is, why should companies care? What are their benefits from using agents like ActiveMQ Artemis on Nodinite?

Existing toolsets such as JMSToolbox and its console, are not built with transparency in mind. They are built for developers and require a lot of knowledge to get started. Yet using Nodinite with Kazuko’s new agent will get your company fully audited. It is also role-based and easy to use on web applications.

People usually rely on ICC or the platform team to monitor and see if data is stuck or goes through the system. Using the ActiveMQ Artemis agent and Nodinite, the different stakeholders get audited and role-based access to what they need. Not less and not more. It also reduces the pain of using a client tool and the user’s personal machine.

Highlights of what Kazoku’s new agent can do:

  • List all your topics and queues and the number of messages.
  • Let you know when there are too many messages in a que.
  • Let you know when there are topics with no consumers.
  • Let you know when there are messages that are too old.

Does Your Company Use ActiveMQ Artemis?

If it is the case that your company is an ActiveMQ Artemis user, then consider getting in touch with Kazoku. Organizations that are using it as one of the main platforms for messaging are ideal customers. Contact details can be found by clicking on this link.

Interested in developing a Nodinite agent for another technology? Please contact Kazoku or Nodinite directly to discuss details.

When Steve Job’s infamous iPhone App store was introduced in 2008, few understood then how the creation of apps would revolutionize smartphones. Nodinite, and surely many other related products, stand at the precipice of their own app environments. What Kazoku has demonstrated, through its skills and innovation, could be the beginning of a new era of Nodinite agents coming to life. Hopefully, this is the first of many new agents created by Kazoku! The future is looking bright, we look forward to seeing what comes next!

This article is a joint initiative between Nodinite and Kazoku IT. Special thanks to Robert Mayer and Elin Nilsson at Kazoku and Henrik Ericsson at Nodinite.

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