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Information to the right people at the right time. Nodinite provides a way for you to create self-service views, which enables your organization to solve problems by themselves without IT being involved. Search for invoices, patient data or any other business critical data. Providing a real time-saver!

Prevent business downtime

Downtime often is related to bad customer satisfaction and unhappy employees. Preventing downtime is more important than ever and Nodinite is your best companion for this. Nodinite does monitor not only if your applications and systems are up and running, it also looks out for your messages being delivered. Get alerts with what went wrong and the right information to easier solve the issue.

Understand your message flow

Modern integrations where multiple applications/systems and multiple locations (cloud, on-premise) are part of your system integration eco-system, it is hard to understand how messages are actually flowing. Often, multiple tools are used for your different systems, but we at Nodinite provide a simple way for you to see it all from one single platform - Nodinite.

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