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As we enter the silly season with Christmas and New Years Eve around the corner, Nodinite wants to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, partners and readers all the best! As this is our final newsletter for 2023, please join us in the latest news and events for this month:

Customer News: Major toy company becomes customer

A major toy manufacturer becomes the latest Nodinite customer. This company is present in several Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. With products in the thousands, this customer is yet another leader in their field.


Marketing Latest: Pricing page updates

Our pricing page is being updated! The Marketing and Sales team have continuously updated the Nodinite website throughout 2023. The update to the pricing page is noteworthy since, as of this month, we will for the first time ever display the list price.

Not only that, but the pricing page has also been updated with more helpful information for website visitors. Nodinite has a highly competitive value proposition which has previously been understated. How many software companies, using a subscription model, can boast about unlimited numbers of users per customer? How many website visitors were aware of this until today? This is just one of several reasons why we are now proudly emphasizing our competitive offering.

Come check out the new pricing page!


Developers Corner: Nodinite Log File Parser Monitoring Agent

The development team wants to send out a gentle notice about a helpful and battle-hardened function that Nodinite customers can use, the log file parser monitoring agent.

Log file parser monitoring diagram

Some clever updates have made the parser easier to understand and use. Instead of spending time manually inspecting or looking up log files for valid/invalid and/or expected/not expected content, you can save time with the log file parser agent. Nodinite has had it for years and it is useful for on-prem solutions, monitoring files. Not to mention that manually inspecting log files is costly, tedious, and human beings are prone to making mistakes. Customers can do more with their valuable time.

Automate monitoring of most text-based log files and save time and money by removing manual labour.

We can extend our log file parser agent if a customer requests it. Get the full scoop about what the Log File Parser Monitoring Agent can do in our Nodinite Documentation pages.

The development team also released seven new packages on the 30th of November. If you have not received an email about the seven packages, please create your own account to subscribe to product news at the Marketplace. Click here to register. As always, we recommend our customers and partners to download the latest updates.


Partner Activities: Contica- Nodinite Round Table event

On Wednesday the 29th of November Nodinite co-sponsored a round table event held by Contica. The agenda for the day was how to save time and money using Nodinite. Swedish Nodinite customers from the public sector were invited to the event.

The round table discussions were a considerable success! The event was fully booked with all ten spots filled by different public enterprises. It was also an enthusiastic meeting with plenty of participation and many leaders taking part. A case study was cited in the beginning where one Swedish region was able to significantly reduce trouble tickets using Nodinite. Participating organizations were represented by managers, developers, architects, and operations representatives.

A big thanks to the following regions and public enterprises for participating!

  • Region Värmland
  • Region Blekinge
  • Region Stockholm
  • Region Sörmland
  • Region Gävelborg
  • Region Halland
  • Region Jönköpings Län
  • Statens Servicecenter
  • Finansinspektionen
  • Uppsala University


Partner Activities: Kazoku Develops ActiveMQ Artemis for Nodinite

We are happy to announce that Kazoku IT and Nodinite joined forces to produce an article about a Nodinite ActiveMQ Artemis agent that Kazoku has developed. This is exciting because it is the first Nodinite monitoring agent created by one of our partners. We applaud Kazoku for the initiative and hope that they land many new customs who will find this agent helpful for ActiveMQ Artemis.

Click here to read the full article.


Partnerships: We welcome Solita as a new partner

Nodinite and Solita are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership. Combining Nodninte’s market leading software tool for monitoring, logging, and a repository for system integrations, with Solita’s world-class enterprise delivery and next-gen technology services. The partnership also aligns with Nodinites’ long-term goal of reaching a global audience.

On November 27th, both parties signed the partnership agreement. This means Solita is now officially a certified Nodinite partner. This co-operation is a major win-win for both companies. It furthers Nodinite’s European presence and global ambitions while at the same time strengthening Solita’s product portfolio. Nodinite now has 11 certified partners that we work closely with.

Click here to read the full press release.


E-Learning: New Videos

Nodinite E-learning has seen a tremendous amount of demand and attraction, especially for the companies who want to cut costs by reducing resources and learning to use Nodinite with support from our e-learning platform.

We have more than 130 minutes of e-learning programs with 110 plus active users and growing.

We’re excited to bring new fruitful videos and as Christmas bonus, we have 2 programs to help you install the essential monitoring agents:

  • Installing Message Queuing Agent: This will be based on the below subtopics
    • Assumptions for basic installation
    • Nodinite Client Update
    • Agent configuration – where we learn to add and authenticate the service- bus to be monitored.
    • Creating the agent monitoring view
  • Installing the Azure Agent:
    • Assumptions for the basic installation
    • Agent configuration – Add a resource group and investigate what else can be monitored.


Published Articles in November

If you are considering how to build a strong business case for enterprise monitoring and logging of system integrations, then one of our articles published in November will be an inspiring read. Just click on this or any of the other articles below.

How to build a strong business case for Enterprise Monitoring and Logging

What is Nodinite? A Beginner’s Guide to Monitoring, Logging, and Repository Solutions for Systems Integrations

Welcome to the Nodinite Newsletter for November


Monthly short story #4

Below is a short, and highly fictional, tale where Nodinite, a plucky, global do-gooder and overall superhero software tool, solves problems. Every month a new adventure will be included in each newsletter. The stories themselves are imaginary and are of course a not-so-subtle reference to how Nodinite’s tool helps organizations in the real world.

Read and enjoy!

How Carl Became a Hero

Carl had been a successful system integration architect for many years. But lately he had begun to feel like his employers were not satisfied with the work he was doing. It was proving difficult to stay up to speed. Carl just could not seem to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape and its many tools.

New integrations on technology platforms and services rarely went as planned; every time something changed in the system architecture or a new technology was introduced into the mix, Carl seemed to be spending more time troubleshooting than getting anything done. It felt like an uphill battle no matter how hard he tried.

One day, during an online search Carl stumbled across Nodinite — a software tool for monitoring, logging and repository that promised it could do everything Carl needed in one integrated package. Excited by this potential opportunity, Carl decided to try it.

After implementing Nodinite something magical happened: it made many of his problems disappear! With its integrated suite of features and advanced automation capabilities, Nodinite quickly became one of Carl’s best friends at work – saving him countless hours of tedious labor and allowing him to focus on creating solutions rather than fixing issues caused by changes in technology or system architecture.

Increasing Efficiency and Saving Time

With this newfound efficiency boost thanks to Nodinite’s help, Carl suddenly found himself ahead of schedule on new projects – something that his managers had not seen from him before. They took notice immediately and soon rewarded him with accolades galore for being such an effective member of their team despite challenging circumstances presented daily by technology shifts in their industry sector.

Carl could not believe what had happened – virtually overnight he had gone from feeling like a failure who was constantly trying (and failing) to keep pace with changing technologies…to becoming a hero amongst his peers due solely to the incredible power offered up by Nodinite!

Table of contents

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