What’s new with Nodinite 5.3

Last Updated: March 29, 2021|

Micheal Olsson, CEO and Head of Innovation, summarizes the news in Nodinite 5.3 as follows.

1. Release Nodinite 5.3 – What’s new

One of the major features introduced with Nodinite 5.3 is the role-based security to include the Nodinite Repository Model. The general idea is to invite other parts of the business to contribute to System Integrations Solutions’ documentation. In my presentation, I showcased the experience from both the Administrative perspective and the end-user perspective.
The addition of Markdown and mermaid diagrams provides benefits to the documentation. An image says more than a thousand words.

2. Azure end-to-end demo

We at Nodinite see the evident migration now happening with moving from on-premise to the cloud. Microsoft and the Azure platform is trending. We have invested a lot of time to ensure that Nodinite provides excellent monitoring and logging for all EAI Azure Services. I showed how Nodinite successfully replaces Azure Monitoring, The Azure Portal, and other tools like the Service Bus Explorer. In the demo, I invoked a monitored Azure API Management Service API directly from Nodinite. With the policy based Logging and the plug and play diagnostics logging in Azure, I was able to show the verbose Logging in every step (payload and Context). The Logging included the API Request, invoking a Logic App Invoking yet another Logic App and then back with the Response in the API. All in all, 20 events. In this case, grouped by a correlation Id (x-ms-client-tracking-id).

3. Security

With Nodinite 5.3, we provide an even more secure product than ever. Because another tool got hacked earlier this year, we are now part of the nightly builds performing dependency checks against reported problems with 3rd party libraries. In this part of my session, I took the chance to emphasize the existing other things we do to ship the product securely and ensure that we are the binaries’ authentic publisher.

4. Updating to Nodinite 5.3

In Michaels last topic, he showed how existing customers could update their environments to the latest version. A process that should take less than a minute to perform.

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