Nodinite 6.1 Now Out! Don’t Forget to Update to the Latest Version

Last Updated: May 8, 2024|

We are thrilled to announce that Nodinite 6.1 was released on the 16th of April.

If you are a Nodinite customer or partner, we strongly urge you to update to the latest version at your closest convenience. The sooner the better. This is because Nodinite 6.1 is the most up to date release and the version that is actively supported by us.

Here are some, but certainly not all, highlights from the new version.

Support for nested search filter groups

  • Support for nested search filter groups. It is a feature which has been requested by customers and we always do our best to listen to our clientele. This is a game changer to using Log Views in Nodinite. In the past you could do “A and B or C“. In 6.1 this can now be set as “A and (B or C)”. It means that people will be able to find what they are looking for much, much faster.
  • New statistics for monitor views. Duration in the current state (such as for how long the Monitor View has been in the current state). A new timeline graph for monitoring views and resources rewritten the logic for monitor views to push alerts if you a resource to the non-OK state to a view with only resources in the OK state. In other words, if you experience a problem, it is good to know how long a Monitoring View has been in its current state. Related to this also: Showing and making use of data. Additional insights into monitoring statistics by strengthening the relationship to documentation functionality. Data is easily accessible on the overview page making it easier to find data and fix potential issues.
  • Custom metadata filter on integrations. Users can now search for entries with given input, not equals and exists are excellent features to help users better understand the content of the current configuration. This means enhanced filtering capabilities such as being able to filter out integration’s basis at SLA level, view when a file was created and when it was last updated. There is also additional role-based functionality with increased options for Administrators.
  • Assign priority level and custom metadata to articles and resources in repository. Now it is possible to quickly determine the priority level of incoming alerts as well as add meta data to articles and resources which can be included in the alerts – attach tags that have different values. For example, an alert can show if there is SLA level.
  • Improvements in webhooks with authentication and more. Improvement to webhooks when repairing and resending data and for alerts as it is now possible to have authentication. This will help improve webhooks used for monitoring and logging. Here users can make sure that the alert itself must authenticate itself to the system that it is sent to. Overall hardening of the overall product – Nodinite continues its overall evolution as an enterprise product.
  • Added markdown support to articles. Users can now write articles in Markdown. It is an additional option to write documentation. Markdown captures all the icons and headings when text is copied over to it. Save time and increase quality. It is a feature that will surely delight many Nodinite users.
  • Azure SQL Managed instance support. It is no longer necessary to use an on-premise SQL managed instance server. Users can now use an Azure SQL managed instance in the cloud. This will help moving into the cloud.

If you have Nodinite through one of our partners, please get in touch with them about updating to version 6.1.

If you are a Nodinite customer, to update to Nodinite 6.1 please log in to the customer portal and follow the instructions from there. Please get in touch with our need help, have questions or are experiencing issues with the update.

You can also get in touch with one of our 12 certified partners for assistance with the update as well as best practices using Nodinite. Link to our partner page can be found here.

Also, please don’t forget to subscribe in the customer portal. Then you will always be notified of the latest product release.

Nodinite Marketing & Sales Team

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