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By |Last Updated: March 21, 2022|
  • Help, what happened to Order 133-7?
  • A lorry can’t get past the gates, and it’s missing the customs declaration… When can you fix this?
  • The daily exchange rates update is missing; who’s responsible?

The examples above are typical use cases for the business, and similar problems become more frequent as the era of digitalization progresses. With Nodinite™, the business gains insights into data in orbit using Log- and Monitor-views. With the advent of Nodinite 5.4, we introduced additional features to customize the look and feel of the self-service experience. With Nodinite™, the business can search for data, look at the content in a format they understand, and the system administrator can grant the right to repair and resubmit business transactions. In addition, all user operations are in the audit log; hence, there is no more blame game.

One of the most excellent features with Nodinite is the Non-Events monitoring which uses the centralized end-to-end Logging capability. If an order is missing its response, or if it’s late, Nodinite™ can yield an alert to help the business work pro-active. A delayed response should not be a problem for the IT department.

In conclusion, with Nodinite™, among many other features, the business gets:

    • A way to fix problems, including the ability to restart services and jobs. Many other Remote Actions exist like Enable/Disable, Manage, List, Download, View history, resubmit, terminate.
    • A way to search for business transactions.
  • Alerts for non-events (e.g. you did not get what you expected in time)
  • Alerts when there is a broken dependency, for example:
    • The SFTP/FTP server is unavailable (e.g. the nightly batch will most likely fail)
    • A certificate is about to expire (e.g. someone needs to take action to update; otherwise, service may become not operational)
    • An SSIS package failed to execute (e.g. The data from the other system was late, a restart may solve the problem)

Our talented partners help you build log and monitor views.

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