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There’s hardly a dull moment in the world of IT monitoring, logging, and centralized documentation, and repository. So, we’ve collected some of the best Nodinite highlights to help you start your day!


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Quote of the month

“Everything looks green with Nodinite. Thank you very much for helping us get full control of our integrations”

Message from an IT manager to Robin Wilde, Contica, a certified Nodinite Partner


How many ways does Nodinite help customers?

Or another way to put it, what are some of the top uses of Nodinite? The below lists are part of the explanation to why 100+ large companies have chosen Nodinite. But this is not all that our logging, monitoring, and centralized documentation, and repository tool, does.

Here are examples from our actual customers about what makes it so unique:

  1. Unauthorized data in a message that often results in the message getting stuck. Quickly find the unauthorized data that caused the issue with Nodinite.
  2. Non-events – what you expect to happen regularly – but which for various reasons does not happen such as file moves and Incorrect scheduling.
  3. If a service is down (Nodinite will find if there is a temporary error).
  4. If an API has been deprecated.
  5. Queue or directory becomes full.
  6. If a certificate has become old.

Note: These are some, but certainly not all, problems experienced by our users. There are 100’s of great things that can be achieved with Nodinite.

Can you relate to the listed issues that Nodinite can identify and resolve? Or have you, as a customer, had other unique experiences with Nodinite? Then we would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us using this form.


Epical’s Integration Day 2024



(Above photos: Main stage introduction presentation, Line to register for ID2024, Nodinite founder and CEO Michael Olsson presenting at the main stage, and Henrik Ericsson, Director, Business Development & Partner Management, enjoying breakfast on the 26th floor of Jacy’z).

On the 17th of April Epical held their flagship integration event in Göteborg (Gothenburg). The event was aptly named ‘Hyperintegration’. It was a day jam packed with presentations, meetings, networking, all about integrations.

For Nodinite, one of the event’s sponsors along with the likes of Microsoft and IBM, it could hardly be a better event as we are all about integration. From the people we met and informal meetings, we learnt that integration and Nodinite is a topic that is on many people’s minds.

Thank you again Epical for arranging an amazing event at the stylish Jacy’z Hotel & Resort in Gothenburg!


Contica Roundtable June 12th 

On the 12th of June, we are pleased to announce that it is time for another exciting roundtable webinar! As before, it is arranged and hosted by Contica, and actively supported by Nodinite.

This is the 3rd roundtable in the series. The first roundtable held in November 2023 focused on how to save time and money by using Nodinite. The 2nd roundtable event in February this year discussed how to spread the usage of Nodinite outside the IT department.

For the latest roundtable event the main focal point is going to be non-events and Nodinite. When something that should happen, for some reason, does not take place. Nodinite can account for non-events so that alerts can be set up if an expected action does not happen.

As before, the roundtable addresses Nodinite users employed by public authorities, working for a public enterprise at a state, regional or municipal level.

New participants working for public institutions are welcome to participate. We look forward to meeting everyone who participated in the first two roundtable events.

Here is the link to register for the event.


Poll of the month

The poll question for May is: Which of the following 4 features do you think is the best in Nodinite?

  • Log file parser
  • Non-event monitoring/alerts
  • Search wizard for log views
  • Auto healing

The most popular response was overwhelmingly the non-event monitoring/alerts feature!


Quiz for May

Let’s see how well we are trying to help you learn about Nodinite. Answer all 5 questions and get a chance to win an exciting gift.

Note: Before you get started with this quiz, it is mandatory to have signed up with e-learning and gone through the below courses –

  • Installing the Message Queueing agent
  • Installing the Azure Agent

If you have not started with Nodinite e-learning yet, please visit this link to submit your request.

Click here to get started with the quiz.

  • Please note that previous winners are warmly welcome to participate in the quizzes but that they won’t receive any prizes in the future. Leaders with top scores will be recognized on a future leaderboard that we are creating 😊


Benefits of being a Nodinite partner and becoming a partner

Click on the link here to go to our Become a Partner page to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Nodinite.


e-Learning Latest

Calling all Systems Integration experts – We urge you to hop onto the trend of learning Nodinite and here is why you should NOT miss this.

IT systems integration experts should learn Nodinite because it is a powerful tool that can help them effectively manage and monitor complex system integrations. Here are a few key reasons:

  1. Nodinite enables data democratization and transparency: It provides visual data representations and self-healing capabilities, giving integration experts a more holistic view of their systems. This allows them to streamline processes and reduce manual effort.
  2. Cost-effective and scalable: It is affordably priced and provides high levels of flexibility, enabling integration experts to optimize their systems integration monitoring and drive innovation.
  3. Integrates observability, traceability and repository functions: This allows integration experts to gain better visibility and control over their systems, reducing risk and improving performance.
  4. Strong security features and supports compliance monitoring: As the number of API integrations continues to increase, having a tool that can securely manage these integrations and ensure compliance is becoming increasingly important.
  5. Nodinite is being requested by mulitple public and private sector enterprises as a must-have skill in their job descriptions.

We are excited to get you started on the journey to become the IT hero of your team. Please visit this link to submit your request.


Don’t miss our published articles from last month

April was a relatively quiet month for Nodinite. We do, as always, have plenty of upcoming inspirational, helpful, and relevant articles in the pipeline. Here is what was published last month:

Meet Kazoku: A Certified Nodinite Partner

Welcome to the Nodinite Newsletter – April Edition!


Fictional short story

Below is a short, and highly fictional, tale where Nodinite, a plucky, global do-gooder and overall superhero software tool, solves problems. Every month a new adventure will be included in each newsletter. The stories themselves are imaginary and are of course a not-so-subtle reference to how Nodinite’s tool helps organizations in the real world.

Read and enjoy!

Nodinite is Like the Extra Staff Member – Always Switched On

The IT team at a multinational corporation was in a tight spot. The company had just landed a new and important client. But with the influx of new work, they needed to acquire several new software tools and even a new technology platform.

Unfortunately, their system integrations were becoming unmanageable. It seemed like every time someone at the multinational corporation looked away from their computers, something new had gone wrong related to failed message transactions.

That’s when Nodinite came to the rescue!

This software tool quickly became indispensable for monitoring, logging, and documenting all the multinational corporation’s system integrations. With its dashboard view, alerts, ability to monitor system integration non-events, it felt like having an extra staff member on board!

It didn’t take long before Nodinite proved its worth as it identified issues that no one on the team would have noticed otherwise. It allowed them to get ahead of any potential problems fast – saving both time and money. Plus, since everyone could see what happened when things went wrong there was no longer any internal blame-game or finger pointing!

The entire IT department at the multinational corporation couldn’t help but be impressed by how useful this little software package was turning out to be – it truly felt like having another pair of eyes watching over everything. With Nodinite around, even daunting tasks started feeling much less intimidating.


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