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Consider this scenario: After years of walking and bicycling to and from work, you finally decide to invest in an environmentally friendly car because they recently built a new highway that separates your home from the office. This investment will not only get you to work faster, thus leaving more time at home with family, it is also a safer mode of transportation than walking or bicycling given the busy highway.

Would you rather have a flashy red sports car with a bloated price to match its global brand? Or would you prefer to invest in an inexpensive, high-quality car that is of a less well-known brand? The lesser-known brand has a reputation for excellence and with 100+ high-profile customers vouching for it.

Let’s leave you with this intriguing thought for now and welcome you to the Nodinite Newsletter for April.


Spotlight on Nodinite

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Dear Readers,

Instead of a lengthy introduction we will this month share a couple of our favourite quotes. One from a partner and the other from a customer.

“Nodinite has no-nonsense pricing. You get a Ferrari at the cost of a Volvo.”

Joakim Schütt, Consultant Manager at Omegapoint, a Nodinite partner

“Nodinite is the simplest one to get started with and it has the functionality that we were looking for. We looked at other platforms to do this (what Nodinite does) and we can see that they are intrusive in the integration platform.”

Dennis Lindkvist, Group Manager Integration Competency Center at Peab, a Nodinite customer

Footnote*: Unlike other tools, when different integration platforms need monitoring, Nodinite does not require any coding with, for instance, BizTalk and Azure


We want to help you to choose the right monitoring, logging, and centralized documentation, and repository tool

Everything we do in Marketing and Sales at Nodinite is geared towards helping to make it easier for our customers to select the right tool for logging and monitoring integrations. Updates on the website, eLearning training, helpful and relevant articles, even a recently published POC playbook, are all there to help our customers, prospects, and partners make the most of an incredibly helpful product.

The fact that Nodinite exists at all is because our software tool for monitoring, logging, and a repository for integrations, is the leading solution in Scandinavia! It is our goal and expectation to spread the joy and knowledge across Europe and beyond soon enough.

Perhaps one of the best ways we can help prospective customers is to provide thought-provoking questions that they can ask.

  • Can I speak to my manager about getting Nodinite?
    1. If No. Then why not?
    2. If Yes. Is it because of cost savings or does my manager have a strategic plan where Nodinite would fit in perfectly? For instance, if my manager is looking at the great picture and is more concerned about long-term costs for operations (instead of a narrow focus on development).
  • What are the requirements in my organization that need to be addressed?
  • Has my organization done a cost/benefit analysis if we invest in Nodinite as opposed to the cost of continuing with O&M as before?

Don’t miss the next newsletter. We will discuss more steps in the next edition. Read our gladiator article to begin getting an understanding of what makes Nodinite unique.


Release of Nodinite 6.1

We are happy to announce that on Tuesday the 16th Nodinite 6.1 is officially released! As always, we recommend all our partners and customers to upgrade to the latest version. Here are some highlights from the new version.

Support for nested search filter groups

  • Support for nested search filter groups. It is a feature which has been requested by customers and we always do our best to listen to our clientele. This is a game changer to using Log Views in Nodinite. In the past you could do “A and B or C“. In 6.1 this can now be set as “A and (B or C)”. It means that people will be able to find what they are looking for much, much faster.
  • New statistics for monitor views. Duration in the current state (such as for how long the Monitor View has been in the current state). A new timeline graph for monitoring views and resources rewritten the logic for monitor views to push alerts if you a resource to the non-OK state to a view with only resources in the OK state. In other words, if you experience a problem, it is good to know how long a Monitoring View has been in its current state. Related to this also: Showing and making use of data. Additional insights into monitoring statistics by strengthening the relationship to documentation functionality. Data is easily accessible on the overview page making it easier to find data and fix potential issues.
  • Custom metadata filter on integrations. Users can now search for entries with given input, not equals and exists are excellent features to help users better understand the content of the current configuration. This means enhanced filtering capabilities such as being able to filter out integration’s basis at SLA level, view when a file was created and when it was last updated. There is also additional role-based functionality with increased options for Administrators.
  • Assign priority level and custom metadata to articles and resources in repository. Now it is possible to quickly determine the priority level of incoming alerts as well as add meta data to articles and resources which can be included in the alerts – attach tags that have different values. For example, an alert can show if there is SLA level.
  • Improvements in webhooks with authentication and more. Improvement to webhooks when repairing and resending data and for alerts as it is now possible to have authentication. This will help improve webhooks used for monitoring and logging. Here users can make sure that the alert itself must authenticate itself to the system that it is sent to. Overall hardening of the overall product – Nodinite continues its overall evolution as an enterprise product.
  • Added markdown support to articles. Users can now write articles in Markdown. It is an additional option to write documentation. Markdown captures all the icons and headings when text is copied over to it. Save time and increase quality. It is a feature that will surely delight many Nodinite users.
  • Azure SQL Managed instance support. It is no longer necessary to use an on-premise SQL managed instance server. Users can now use an Azure SQL managed instance in the cloud. This will help moving into the cloud.


Notice: March quiz prizes soon on their way

Last month, in March, we published a quiz in the newsletter and were delighted to get many responses. A BIG thank you to everyone who participated!

Our 3 winners have already been notified and can expect to receive their prizes towards the end of April. We apologize for the delay.


Poll of the month

The poll question for April is: “Would you recommend Nodinite to your colleagues in different industries?”.

We are delighted to share the result that 100% of respondents said that they would gladly recommend Nodinite to friends and acquaintances in other industries or companies.


Quiz for April

Let’s see how well we are trying to help you learn about Nodinite. Answer all 5 questions and get a chance to win an exciting gift. Click here to get started.


Benefits of being a Nodinite partner and becoming a partner

Click on the link here to go to our Become a Partner page to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Nodinite.


Join our E-Learning program and become a superhero

Our next program is on its way:

Installing and Configuring Nodinite agent for BizTalk ~ 20mins

Nodinite Learn platform- We hope you find it more neat, intuitive and convenient to navigate across it. Your username and password remain the same. Just visit this link and get started.

In case you are an active e-learning user and cannot access your account, please reach out to us at – EDUCATION@NODINITE.COM.

If you have not started with Nodinite Learning yet, please visit this link to submit your request.

Some facts about ‘Nodinite Learn’ platform:

The platform now has around 140 active users with 150 + minutes of Nodinite learning videos and growing. The latest program we did covers Azure integrations and their observability. We showcased 3 scenarios of resolving issues while maintaining systems integrations in Azure environment with help of Azure Monitoring alone vs. How Nodinite complements Azure monitoring and makes it convenient for the user.

A soft reminder: If you or your colleagues have not yet signed up for e-learning, please submit a request using this link.


Don’t miss our published articles from last month

One of our most exciting articles this year came out in March. Titled: Logging, Monitoring, and Repository: The Ultimate Battle of Digital Guardians, it is about where Nodinite fits into the eco-system of software tools for monitoring, logging, and centralized repositories. It is well worth a read.

Also to be recommended is our latest white paper titled 7 Systems Integration Monitoring Tool Trends for 2024. It discusses the monitoring tool trends and is a follow-up to our highly popular white paper with the same name, for 2023. Enjoy!

Nodinite Partner Integration.team Signs Industry Leader as Customer

Advania, a Nodinite Certified Partner, Signs Two New Customers

Logging, Monitoring, and Repository: The Ultimate Battle of Digital Guardians

7 Systems Integration Monitoring Tool Trends for 2024

Welcome to the Nodinite Newsletter – March Edition!

Meet Kazoku: A Certified Nodinite Partner

Nodinite’s Solution to Enhance Azure Monitoring


Fictional short story

Below is a short, and highly fictional, tale where Nodinite, a plucky, global do-gooder and overall superhero software tool, solves problems. Every month a new adventure will be included in each newsletter. The stories themselves are imaginary and are of course a not-so-subtle reference to how Nodinite’s tool helps organizations in the real world.

Read and enjoy!

Nodinite’s Non-Intrusive Code Story

Once upon a time, there lived a magical and lively software solution named Nodinite. Unlike other, similar software tools available on the market, its customers did not need to use intrusive code to have it installed. Its only requirement was some basic configuration settings, all of which could be completed in minutes.

The lack of applying code to install Nodinite meant that it is unaffected by updates. If, for example, Nodinite had to be installed using intrusive code, then it could pose a problem whenever a system is updated because this could affect its functionality.

Nodinite quickly became the hero of the monitoring, logging, and the repository community for system integrations as it eliminated the need for any invasive coding or lengthy installation processes.

Everyone from small businesses to large corporations found great success with Nodinite’s streamlined approach to integration monitoring that saved them both time and money. In fact, many organizations declared their love for this magical tool so loudly that they even posted favourable reviews on Capterra!

The moral of the story is clear: Do not underestimate the power of non-intrusive software solutions like Nodinite – they may just save you lots of time and money avoiding tedious coding tasks every time there is a system upgrade!

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