Meet Kazoku: A Certified Nodinite Partner

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Watch Elin Nilsson from Kazoku IT explain how they work with Nodinite (3m 15s)

Who is Kazoku IT and what do you do?

In this video and article, we want to tell you a little bit about who we are. Kazoku actually means family in Japanese and that is the way we treat ourselves within the company and our customers! With our competency in Nodinite, we make sure you can take advantage of your integration landscape and data. Kazoku will support you through the whole integration process, using our own data structure to establish an effective, fast, and easy-to-use logging and monitoring view for all integrations.

Thanks to our highly skilled developers, we are also able to build custom agents for customers. They gain a clear perspective and control in no time and get the most possible out of Nodinite. Learn more about our customized ActiveMQ Artemis Agent.

We work in both the private and public sector. Being a Microsoft partner is nothing we take lightly; we are proud to be a partner! The advantages of using BizTalk and Azure together creates a perfect solution. Our black belt within Microsoft integration technology means this: You tell us what you want, we tell you how it is done, with what you have and what you need.

What results have you seen from using Nodinite with your customers?

Of course, our customers are as fond of Nodinite as we are. Not only are we lifting the weight of the IT-departments shoulder, but the business also receives a big-picture of the integration flows and constant feedback of the integrations that are in their interest, by continually navigating through the integrations.

It is easy to accomplish, considering that all integrations are processed and documented in Nodinite, therefore all the information and logging you need is collected in one place. Customers always appreciate to be well informed and enjoy how simple Nodinite is for new employees to be taught.

We make sure the focus is always on our customers’ requirements and we are here to make sure the needs are met. Our customers love Nodinite, and so do we.

Why should an end customer select you?

Kazoku is a solution-oriented company, we focus on possibilities and solving problems – that is what we do every day. With our specialized Managers of Operations and Maintenance, our customers always have someone maintaining and monitoring their integrations. We know that it is important to have a 24/7 effective IT-infrastructure, and Nodinite is the single most simple yet effective tool to always make sure everything is running smoothly.

Some of our unique capabilities:

We provide end user training – to familiarize you with the interface.

  • Training of administrators – How to set up log and monitoring views, as well as the documentation.
  • Training of superusers – How to install agents.

We help with technical maintenance of Nodinite (operations and maintenance).

  • We ensure that the agents are correctly set up.
  • We ensure that Nodinite is correctly set up.
  • We ensure that Nodinite has the correct version based on our experience and expertise.
  • We are a helpful partner during the implementation phase, regardless of which product is used for integration.

We help with:

  • Installation of environments
  • Implementation of logging
  • Implementation of monitoring
  • Implementation of documentation
  • PowerBI or other BI connections to and from Nodinite
  • Implementation of views

Want to learn more? Click here to visit Kazoku’s website.

Visit Nodinite’s Kazoku Partner page.

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