Meet Nodinite 6.0
General Availability Release

Nodinite is all you need for Logging and Monitoring solutions backed by a rigorous Knowledge Repository. Our customers refer to it as a one-stop screen to find their lost orders or edit the payload which has been entered wrongly.

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Hosted by

Michael Olsson – CEO Nodinite

Microsoft Certified Trainer for 7 years and Microsoft PTSP


  • For those joining us the first time: A brief overview of Nodinite’s capabilities and what makes it different than the other monitoring solutions in the market.

  • Biggest version release ever: Nodinite 6.0 is powered by Interactive Landscape which makes the navigation between integrations very convenient and available on one screen.
  • The icing on the cake: Enhanced productivity – reducing numerous clicks.
  • Showcase: Nodinite resolving integration issues proactively and be a savior for the business departments such as sales, logistics, etc.

Show details

Welcome to the Nodinite Show, a webinar series dedicated to helping users and partners solve integration problems through effective monitoring and logging solutions. Let’s make integration simple and seamless together.

Why Use Nodinite?

  • Try It Free for as long as you need to prove your case.
  • Unlimited licenses at ONE PRICE (Psst… we won’t charge for you needing to store your log data.)
  • Multi-agent capabilities – With Azure, BizTalk, Mulesoft, IBM and many more. We are Technology Agnostic.
  • Function pro-actively with our smart Non-events alarm management and other functions like trend analysis, etc., Nodinite predicts what possibly can go wrong, unlike before, where we would take actions only after something has gone wrong.

Benefits seen by our customers

“We were able to reduce customer IT tickets by 70% and achieved the ROI in 3 months.” – Boliden

“The 20-30 sales reps now have Nodinite and can search for specific orders, adjust inaccuracies, and resend messages using Nodinite’s “Repair and Submit” feature. This has increased business efficiency and relieved the IT department.” – A leading manufacturer of air purifying systems

“A product that saves time – Logging, documentation, alarm management, monitoring, troubleshooting, business support, remote control and self-service are all areas where Nodinite helps us save time.” – Jämtkraft

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