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Why did PEAB Choose Nodinite for their Azure Monitoring?

Last Updated: November 15, 2023|

“Nodinite helps us to stay on top of all the integration processes and informational flows. It also enables us to share this information with stakeholders and people of interest across PEAB. So, they can themselves monitor the integrations.”

Dennis Lindkvist, Group Project Manager at PEAB.

Nodinite eases the process of monitoring your Azure platforms. It comes with many features, like a streamlined dashboard, self-healing capabilities, and integrated traceability and observability. All these advanced features make Nodinite the preferred monitoring platform for companies across many industries. 

One such company is PEAB, a leading construction company in the Nordic region. It has about 15,000 employees and average annual net sales of SEK 63 billion. This company uses Nodinite to better manage its operations.

Read on to know how PEAB uses Nodinite and why it chose Nodinite over other platforms.

Intuitive Azure Monitoring Dashboard to Meet the Needs of Different Employees

Companies like PEAB are not traditional IT companies. Rather, they have an IT department that’s responsible for the smooth running of applications used by different teams. Also, not all employees have a technical background. This is why PEAB thought it was essential to have a tool that all its employees can use. Nodinite is an intuitive traceability and observability platform. It requires little technical expertise to use this tool. At the same time, it enables every stakeholder to monitor the relevant Azure resources and applications. This is why Nodinite was a preferred choice for PEAB. 

Seamless Integration to Monitor Workflows

PEAB has disparate systems spread across all the departments, from finance to environmental reporting. All of these must come together to complete a construction project. A lot of these systems are from different vendors and based on varying technologies. Integrating them all together to get a unified view of workflows was challenging for PEAB. This is when they chose Nodinite. The Dashboard feature in Nodinite brings together data from different systems and displays it in a single pane. This feature made integration a seamless experience for PEAB. Also, they have complete visibility to monitor workflows across these disparate systems.

Non-intrusive Observability for High Productivity

Nodinite is a non-intrusive tool. It consumes little resources and runs in the background. This way, it has little to no impact on employees’ productivity. At the same time, it monitors the different threshold values to identify deviations. It even logs data and handles the documentation—all without disturbing the users. In fact, there are thousands of integrations and millions of messages going through PEAB’s Nodinite platform. None of these intrude into the everyday work of its employees!

Secure Sharing of Data with Relevant Stakeholders

PEAB uses Nodinite for integrating with its Azure environment. In the words of Dennis Lindkvist, Group Project Manager at PEAB, “Nodinite helps us to stay on top of all the integration processes and informational flows. It also enables us to share this information with stakeholders and people of interest across PEAB. So, they can themselves monitor the integrations.”

Azure Application Insights vs Nodinite for Monitoring

PEAB has started using Nodinite for application development. Earlier, they were using Azure Application Insights to monitor, track, and troubleshoot their applications. But due to challenges in using Application Insights, PEAB is moving to Nodinite. In particular, Application Insights was complex and didn’t send the required payloads. Lindkvist believes that Nodinite can address these challenges. This is why PEAB is committing to using Nodinite for all its applications. 

Nodinite: The Simplest and Most Comprehensive Platform for Monitoring Azure

Nodinite has proven to be the preferred monitoring platform for many companies, including PEAB. Its streamlined dashboard provides stakeholders with relevant data for decision-making. Similarly, Nodinite’s self-healing capabilities automate troubleshooting, saving time and effort for employees. Along with these features, Nodinite’s integrated traceability and observability make it stand out among other monitoring tools. 

PEAB chose Nodinite because of its intuitive interface, seamless integration capabilities, and non-intrusive observability. Furthermore, PEAB found Nodinite to be a better alternative to Azure Application Insights due to its simplicity and monitoring capabilities. In short, Nodinite is the simplest and most comprehensive way to monitor Azure for PEAB.

Learn more about how Nodinite can benefit your business. Get a walk-through of Nodinite to evaluate its fit for your organization. Also, you can try it for free for a more hands-on experience.

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