Can I Have a Cloud-Based Nodinite Version and what is meant by Managed Services?

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What does On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud mean? What is meant by Managed Service, as a Service or Self-Hosted? If you found yourself wondering about these terms, chances are you are not alone.

Here we untangle some concepts from our website about Nodinite’s delivery model that might be tricky to understand, especially for non-IT professionals.

Nodinite can be On-Prem, Hybrid or Cloud

If you have made it to the ‘News & Articles’ section and found this post, chances are that you first visited our home page. One of the first things a visitor will read when they see Nodinite’s website is the following sentence: “Logging, monitoring and documentation for all your system integrations, from on-prem, hybrid and the cloud.”

What on earth is meant by on-prem, hybrid and cloud?

That is a good question. Especially if you are not an IT integration architect. Let’s explain what they mean:

  • On-Prem or On-Premises: This refers to software that runs on computers that are in the same building as you. Before the advent of the internet and SaaS (Software as a Service), all software was On-Prem because it was installed onto individual computers or servers. Today there are still many organisations that run software programs On-Prem for various reasons.
  • Hybrid: This is a solution which contains elements of both SaaS and On-Prem software. There are many different types of hybrid software on the market. The short answer, however, is that hybrid contains a mixture of On-Prem characteristics and Cloud capabilities.
  • Cloud: This means that the information created on the computer that you are using, is stored somewhere else. On a cloud so to speak. Data is shared between many places in various locations. In this context, it does not matter if your computer breaks down because important data is always stored online.

Next, we will go through the different ways Nodinite can be used.

Nodinite Delivery Models

Nodinite as a Managed Service, as a Service or Self-Hosted

To further complicate matters, Nodinite can be installed and used in more than one way. This allows more flexibility and depends to a large extent on the specific needs or requirements of our customers. Let us go through each in turn:

Self-Hosted: Nodinite self-hosted means that you, the customer, controls everything. You can get support from a partner but you are the one who decides who can access and use Nodinite. You also have your own server on-prem or have it in the cloud. Your company runs, maintains, and operates Nodinite and you oversee everything.

Nodinite Managed Services: One of Nodinite’s certified partners will manage the monitoring, logging, and documentation on your behalf. You and your company will get access to Nodinite views. The partner manages access & permissions for Nodinite. In this format Nodinite’s software is managed and operated by a partner, in the cloud or on your premises.

Nodinite as a Service: You use it and get support from one of our certified partners. You or the partner will manage access and permissions to Nodinite. The partner will manage and operate Nodinite in the cloud.

Learn more about how Nodinite can benefit your business. Get a walk-through of Nodinite to evaluate its fit for your organization. Also, you can try it for free for a more hands-on experience.

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