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Meet Contica: A Certified Nodinite Partner

Last Updated: February 9, 2024|

Who are you and what do you do?

Contica is a Swedish company based in Gothenburg. We are system integration experts, enabling our customers to prioritize their core business by providing a scalable managed service using the best tools on the market. This also enables us to always provide best practice based on experience from working with many different customers as well as local and international clients.

Contica has crafted an integration delivery model designed to meet the specific needs of businesses, irrespective of their size or industry. Specializing in building and monitoring integration solutions using Azure Integration Services and BizTalk Server, we extend our services across a diverse range of sectors, including e-commerce, logistics and transportation, the public sector, and healthcare.

Our expertise lies in customizing our services to meet the unique requirements of each customer, taking into consideration their industry and size. We carefully adapt integration services based on the size and industry of our clients. Being a smaller and highly focused team of engineers and developers specialized in different industries allows us to move swiftly and respond effectively, a characteristic often challenging for larger companies.

Contica differs from other consultancies in that we are experts in what we do and can scale through our experience. Consultancies that send staff out to work on-site for extended periods cannot scale because they only work with this one customer.

Click here to read more about Contica’s services (in Swedish).

What results have you seen from using Nodinite with your customers?

Contica’s delivery model empowers us to navigate changes in diverse industries. Since integrating Nodinite, efficiency has substantially improved, with a notable 30-40% reduction in IT support tickets in specific sectors.

This impact could be even more significant—up to an 80% reduction—by expanding Nodinite usage throughout the organization. Our monitoring strategy, extending beyond IT, has unlocked Nodinite’s superpower as a data democratization tool.

Nodinite not only streamlines support but also serves as a documentation tool, connecting seamlessly to the integration landscape. This reduces the need to switch between tools and enables customers to create a dynamic centralized tool for efficient integration management.

Furthermore, Nodinite facilitates the engagement of non-IT staff in integration testing, allowing them to navigate workflows in the integration landscape without requiring technical knowledge of Azure or BizTalk. This inclusive approach boost collaboration and extends the benefits of Nodinite beyond the traditional IT realm.

Why should an end customer select you?

Contica stands out as the ultimate one-stop-shop for system integration. Our unique scalable consultancy model, supported by teams of DevOps engineers and developers, enables us to swiftly adapt and respond effectively. Offering comprehensive services across various sectors, such as e-commerce, logistics and transportation, the public sector, and healthcare, we specialize in Azure cloud integration infrastructure and BizTalk infrastructure, providing a unique advantage to our clients.

Our commitment is evident in employing the most effective techniques, maintaining an international network of experts, and leveraging the market’s finest tools to ensure optimal solutions for our customers. Our expertise in Nodinite and integration allows us to maximize the value of your integration platform. By prioritizing our customers and tailoring our services to their specific needs, Contica ensures a personalized, efficient, and effective approach to system integration.

We guarantee a real scalable consultancy model without losing any solution’s knowledge, a challenge often faced by other consultancy companies.

Want to learn more? Click here to visit Contica’s website.

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