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What do they say about Nodinite?


With Nodinite we can spend more time on value creating tasks, e.g. develop new integrations.

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Most common questions

We are currently monitoring with SCOM, how can Nodinite be used?2022-03-17T09:15:50+00:00

Nodinite has many infrastructure-related monitoring features. We have customers who used SCOM (or Tivoli, Nagios/OP5, Solarwinds and so on) before Nodinite. Some of them have replaced SCOM/X with Nodinite.

One big difference with Nodinite, compared to SCOM, is the ability to enable self-service for the business (or any stakeholder).

  • Role-based access
  • Remote Actions means that corrective actions can be taken (this includes operations against applications/services in the cloud AND n-premise -resources)
  • Audited operations, every sensitive operation is in the Audit log. No blame game, crystal clear who did what when

Another significant advantage of Nodinite is the documentation feature. Part of the Monitoring is a clever way to provide documentation (including Knowledge base articles) about what is being monitored. This feature means less risk and higher personal independence. In the end, higher quality of service.

We are using or thinking of using Microsoft Azure Monitoring and Application insights. What more can Nodinite do for us?2024-01-12T13:00:43+00:00

Nodinite is intended to replace Azure Monitoring and Application insights. Those tools are great for the IT department, but you wouldn’t really let the business side into Azure. It’s too complex and hard to use. And you don’t have a way to audit log events. Read more about or Azure logging and moitoring here.

We already have a APM-tool. Do we need Nodinite too?2022-02-17T15:10:17+00:00

We have developed Nodinite because there is no APM for system integrations. With Nodinite you can do so much more than with a traditional AMP tool such as keeping track of related events by correlating them. That being said, it does not mean you do not need a pure APM tool either. Contact us to learn more about which tool best suits your IT environment.

How does the payment model look like?2022-02-17T15:09:57+00:00

You pay a fixed price for Nodinite based on your companies size. This makes Nodinite easy to budget for. Since it’s not a pay as you go solution that seems cheap at first glance but then ends up being extremely expensive.

Do you offer a Nodinite trial?2022-02-17T15:09:42+00:00

Of course! Get in touch with us and we are happy to provide you with a free trial.

Does Nodinite run in the cloud?2022-02-17T15:09:18+00:00

Yes, our partners are happy to help you with hosting Nodinite in the cloud and provide you with a Nodinite as a Service solution.

Are there any limitations on the number of enviroments?2022-02-17T15:09:01+00:00

No. It does not matter how many environments you are running. With a single license you can run several production, tests and QA environments.

Are there any limitations on the number of monitoring agents/resources?2022-02-17T15:08:44+00:00

No. With one license you can monitor several BizTalk, Azure, Mule, IBM and any other systems/applications.

Are there any limitations on the number of users?2022-02-17T15:08:03+00:00

No. You can use Nodinite for as many users as you want.

What is included in the price?2022-02-17T15:08:11+00:00

Everything! We believe in a simple pricing model to make both your and our life easier.

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