Why Peab Chose Nodinite


Peab is a leading construction, civil engineering, industry, and project engineering company with 138 regional offices, and employing 14,000 employees across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Their headquarters are in Sweden and the company, which is 3rd largest in the Nordic region in its industry, is listed on Sweden’s NASDAQ.

Dennis Lindkvist
Group Manager Integration Competency Center at Peab

“We evaluated a lot of different products and Nodinite is the simplest one to get started with”


There are a lot of IT systems involved in completing a construction project. All these systems need to be integrated. Everything from financial systems to environmental reporting to certificates and who should have access to a construction site or not.


Peab evaluated different tools and products to manage their integration platforms. Similar software tools that they reviewed were intrusive to the integration platform or did not support all technologies or integration tools that Peab are using. They determined that Nodinite is the simplest one to work with and the tool that had the functionality that they were looking for.


Complete monitoring view

With Nodinite’s help Peab have a complete monitoring view of their various integrations. This helps them experience true end-to-end monitoring and logging of their integrations.

Understanding your integration platform

Without Nodinite it was not possible for Peab to gain a holistic understanding of their integrations. Each platform provides a partial overview but root causes would be missed without Nodinite since it can work across many integration platforms.

Non-intrusive solution

For Peab it was important to find the right tool that was non-intrusive to their IT systems. This means that there was no need to hard-code the tool into the integration platforms. Unlike many other tools, Nodinite can be installed without a lot of excess coding.