What do you do when you get a question about billings, wages or orders? All companies have information like this that runs through different systems. Nodinite logs all information so you can find it in no time. The result? You get more time to improve your business.

Let´s say your company orders a product from another company. It might seem like a simple process, but behind the scenes, many different systems and programs are depending on each other to make it go smoothly. For example, when you make an order you might get an e-mail with your receipt. This means that the system handling your order and the one that handles the e-mail have to communicate with each other.

But that´s not all. The product needs to be delivered, which means that another system connects the postal office to the order. To sum it all up, there are a lot of information that runs through these systems and Nodinite lets you log all of it. You can easily search for information and find it quickly. Instead of wasting time, you can focus on making your business flourish.

Includes many features

Log many platforms

It does not matter if you are searching for bills or customer data. With Nodinite you will always be able to find it, no matter what platform you are using. Nodinite has built in support for logging of many integration platforms.

Self-service portal

Let your users, both internal and external, view data they are interested in whenever they want through a simple and intuitive self-service interface.

Find your data

When problems occur, you need to find what went wrong and why. Nodinite simplifies the process of finding your data, making it easy for your organization to find what they want in no time.

Safe archiving

Archiving is important, especially when there are legal requirements. With Nodinite you decide how long you want to archive the data. It does not matter if it is ten days or ten years. All data is compressed and encrypted for maximum space and security.

Flexible reporting

Create your own reports, analyze statistics and bring your data to life with detailed visuals. Spot trends and take your business to the next level.

View messages in the right format

Providing data is one thing, but to provide data that is understandable is another. Nodinite allows you to design your messages and view them in the format you are used to.