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Did you know that nearly all of the world’s data is new? The amount of data is growing exponentially, and in this increasingly complex environment, bringing data together is paramount. This is where we come in.

Hear what Patric Kronberg – Baseline Manager at Epical, feels about Nodinte.

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Patric Kronberg
Baseline Manager
+46 (0) 70 876 34 65


Data-driven business transformation

With our niched expertise in managing hybrid platforms, business applications and new digital services, we bring together relevant data for more intelligent operations. We are a Nordic IT service company enabling our customers’ data-driven business transformation.

As a data integrator looking to lead the way, Epical Group is transforming the way data is managed and refined in ecosystems. And the beauty of it all? This new layer of integrating data is where the magic happens for long-term business value. After all, it is not about digital services – it is all about bringing together relevant data for more intelligent operations.

We bring together data on- and off-premises, in public and private cloud. We both build and run digital solutions, supporting our customers in mastering complexity.

This is our craft, the apple of our eye, and the topic we could talk about for hours on end (and we dare you to get us started). We are over 900 niched experts working for a more intelligent world, with technology empowering people, businesses and societies.

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