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Nodinite Highlights of 2020 – summarize the year with us

Last Updated: November 28, 2023|

Nodinite extends its reach by adding new functions and agents

During the last 12 months, 80 customers have benefitted from Nodinites unique set of features that significantly improves their day-to-day operations of systems integrations. By saving money, increasing service quality and releasing competence, Nodinite helps to speed up organizations’ overall work digitalizing their business.

During the year, Nodinite has added new monitoring and logging agents for Azure, Boomi and WSO2 integration platforms. These features mean that organization using any of these technologies can benefit from using Nodinite.

The 5.2 version was giant and improved the Nodinite core services. See the webinar here. The next version, Nodinite 5.3, has been pre-released to a few selected customers. Focus on this version is extending the Role-based security to include also the Nodinite repository model and the possibility. Also, how long time to store message context and body, respectively.

We believe Nodinite’s unique position as the only tool in the space of Systems Integration Maintenance Software, SIMS, that can keep control of all system integrations and message flows regardless of implementation technology.

ATEA gives thumbs up for Nodinite

Atea is the leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Nordic and Baltic region with NOK 37 billion in revenue and more than 7,000 employees. Atea is present in 85 cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Its headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway. The company sells, installs, and supports products from Citrix, VMware, Apple, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, IBM, Readdle and others.

“ATEA plans to increase the usage of Nodinite™ to all integrations and other services throughout the entire ATEA group.” – Andrejs Skiteckis, Head of Integration Services at Atea Group IT.

Nodinite hires key professionals to join a global journey

In order to capture the global SIMS opportunity Nodinite could in August present Agni Cedene as our new head of sales and marketing. Agni brings with her the competence to scale up sales by using digital marketing.

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