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Who is Advania and what do you do?

We offer customer-unique complete IT solutions with measurable results to companies, the public sector, and authorities throughout the Nordics. The company’s roots can be traced all the way back to Iceland in 1939. It was re-branded into Advania in 2012.

The Advania iBiz business unit is the role model for system integrations for many in our industry! Here we create long-term business benefits for our Nordic customers through Microsoft-based system integrations. We are incredibly proud to be Nodinite’s first partner, and one of their main partners. This means that we have built a strong and comprehensive team that has advanced knowledge regarding Nodinite. Advania’s iBiz AIM unit consists of 20+ integration specialists with Nodinite and integration management as their core focus areas.

Advania’s thinking around CI/CD also applies to Nodinite. Hence, Advania, together with Nodinite, has developed automatic releases for configuring the Nodinite product in connection with the release of integrations through Azure DevOps. This feature is smooth and cost-effective for Advania’s customers. More than anything, it minimizes risks of mistakes being made through human error.

The above image shows how Advania iBiz uses data from Nodinite in a customer portal.

What results have you seen from using Nodinite with your customers?

Together with Nodinite, Advania has developed a highly scalable solution to be able to easily integrate different types of Case Management Systems (CMS) directly with Nodinite’s alarm management. In this way, Advania’s customers, regardless of the CMS being used, can quickly access all Nodinite’s alarm monitoring notifications.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by Nodinite, we help our customers produce crucial Insights and reports to make active decisions going forward. With the help of Nodinite and its functions, Advania iBiz has also helped customers monitor the health, quality, and delivery of integrations for over 12 years. Such as, for example: monitoring the number of errors, the number of transactions and accessing active documentation directly in Nodinite.

We have smart solutions to get a complete delivery of Nodinite quickly and easily in place. From installation to targeted alarm management. Regardless of which CMS our customers have. We also use weekly reports in Power BI that give us a quick overview (Health Check) of our customers’ Nodinite instances to effectively ensure everything from version management to volume on log databases.

Example of what the Advania Power BI health check overview can look like.

Why should an end customer select you?

We are a strategically stable partner. Advania has a strong presence with Nodinite and a very close partnership on both a technical and business level. In the same way that Advania drives innovation to become a better supplier, we also drive our partner Nodinite forward through smart solutions for our customers. Together, we develop technical solutions where we make each other better.

Thanks to Nodinite, we offer proactive incident process management for our customers which also gives us the opportunity to act predictively. This allows us to prevent incidents from occurring in the customer’s environment. This great service is due to good logging, insights and our many years of expertise in integration where we work to be a role model and act as a Trusted Advisor for our customers in interpreting their data and streamlining flows.

Everything we do upholds the highest standards. We have built and managed integrations for over 20 years. This is something that we are incredibly proud of! Our fully managed services for operation and management have a clear focus – zero vision on incidents. Nodinite is a major component of this vision.

Keen to know more? Click here to visit Advania.

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