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On the 17th of April 2024 Epical Group is hosting Integration Day 2024. It is their annual flagship integration-focused event focused on integrations. Nodinite is both a business partner to Epical and a proud sponsor of the Integration Day 2024 event.

This year marks the return of Epical’s popular and highly anticipated annual integration day. The event has not been held since 2020 when the Covid pandemic struck. It this therefore with great joy to see that it has been revived.

As Epical states on their website, this is all about the next chapter, hyperintegration! Anyone who is interested in integrations from integration architects to managers to decision makers, is encouraged to sign up. It will be a day filled with presentations, breakout sessions and opportunities to mingle with fellow integration enthusiasts.

Nodinite, along with the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Frends, are sponsoring Integration Day 2024. As such, Nodinite will send a delegation to attend and we will also have a booth on the floor. This is a great opportunity for visitors to meet the people behind Nodinite and learn more about our amazing product! Best of all, we also have a speaker’s slot! Michael Olsson, CEO, and founder of Nodinite, will talk about monitoring, logging, and centralized documentation in hybrid environments.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today for Integration Day 2024.

Click on the link here to read more from Epical and to register to the event.

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