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Create Seamless Monitoring of Hybrid Flows in BizTalk and Azure

Last Updated: November 14, 2023|

Organizations are increasingly looking to create seamless monitoring of hybrid flows in BizTalk and Azure Integration Services (AIS). It is important to monitor these integrations, flows and related resources in hybrid environments, even though it can be challenging. If you’re almost done choosing a tool to monitor, log, and manage an integrated repository, you know how important this decision is.

This article will show you how to monitor a hybrid integration environment with BizTalk and AIS. We’ll discuss the unique challenges that these environments pose and how to address them. We’ll also introduce you to Nodinite, a solution that simplifies this intricate process.

Hear Andrej Rakocevic of Caverion talk about BizTalk and Azure integration.

Let’s begin with a look at monitoring BizTalk and Azure Integrations.

Navigating the Complexities of Integrating BizTalk Server with Azure for Hybrid Integration

Integrating BizTalk Server with AIS is complex. BizTalk Server is a robust on-premises integration platform, and AIS is a cloud computing powerhouse. While BizTalk Server connects systems and apps, AIS is more flexible and scalable in the cloud. Combining these two is like orchestrating a symphony of technology, each playing its part in harmony.

You need to monitor this integration closely to identify and fix issues before they snowball into major disruptions. This is especially critical when dealing with mission-critical message flows, data, and processes.

Imagine an order processing system where orders are received through BizTalk Server and then processed in Azure. Your tool must monitor for delays caused by a sudden increase in orders or data synchronization problems. Insights like these are very helpful for keeping things running smoothly and the business going.

Typical questions that IT departments and users of monitoring solutions want answered:

  • Can I get a list of failed message flows from last week?
  • What happened to order 123?
  • When was the last order received?
  • Help! Why is the order response not faster?
  • Who has seen the content of order 456?

Other challenges that come with this integration are:

Hybrid Environment Complexity 

Managing data flow and synchronization is complicated in hybrid environments. This difference in environments necessitates special considerations for security, data transfer, and compatibility.

Data Transformation and Mapping 

Data formats and structures may differ between BizTalk and Azure. Transforming and matching data between systems can be tough, especially with lots of data or complex structures.

Scalability and Performance 

Azure Integration Services offers scalability, which is one of its key advantages.  But making sure your integration solution can handle growth without losing speed can be overwhelming. This is especially crucial for applications with varying workloads.

Security and Compliance 

Managing security in a hybrid environment is essential. Both BizTalk and AIS come with their own security protocols and requirements. Ensuring data privacy, encryption, and compliance with industry standards and regulations can be a complex and critical task.

Monitoring and Debugging

In a hybrid environment, effective monitoring and debugging has become more challenging. Identifying issues and diagnosing them promptly is crucial to prevent disruptions in the integration process.

Integration Cost and Resource Allocation 

Integrating BizTalk and AIS requires budgetary considerations and resource allocation. Organizations need to think about the expenses for infrastructure, licensing, and human resources.

Technology Compatibility 

BizTalk and AIS use different technologies and ensuring compatibility between the two can be a technical hurdle. It’s essential to choose the right tools and technologies that can bridge the gap effectively.

Knowledge and Expertise 

Successfully integrating BizTalk and AIS demands a deep understanding of both platforms. Finding skilled professionals who are well-versed in both technologies can be a challenge.

In the face of these difficulties, choosing the right tools, like Nodinite, and having a well-thought-out integration strategy are essential for ensuring a seamless and efficient BizTalk and AIS integration.

The Monitoring You Need Should Include the Following Capabilities

The solution you need for monitoring BizTalk and AIS must work seamlessly in a hybrid environment and meet the requirements from both IT staff and from businesspeople. It keeps your hybrid integration environment stable and efficient. It has an easy-to-use design and strong capabilities, allowing your team to track important processes and data in your organization.

Listen to Rakesh Singh of Tietovery talk about the benefits of using Nodinite for different platforms.

Here are some key capabilities of the solution that can help with monitoring a hybrid environment.

Instant Data Monitoring 

The right software solution needs to be able to monitor your BizTalk and AIS Integration. It gives you performance insights instantly. This means you can quickly find and fix problems before they affect your work.

Customizable Alerts 

You should have the power to set up customized alerts tailored to your specific integration requirements. It will then alert you quickly if there’s a sudden increase in data usage or system issues, so you can respond right away.

Self-Healing Capabilities 

There are solutions out there that take monitoring to the next level with self-healing capabilities. They not only alert you to issues but can also automatically initiate predefined actions to resolve common problems. This means that routine issues can be addressed without manual intervention, enhancing operational efficiency.

Democratization of Data

Business users have their own requirements on a monitoring solution, such as:

  • get alarms when a message is stuck,
  • search for a specific order with a specific content,
  • to identify deviations in message body (the order) and resend.

There are few software tools available that can democratize data access to users at no extra cost. They should also be able to provide user-friendly, role-based dashboards, giving various team members easy access to the data and insights they need. This means everyone in the organization can use data to make informed decisions, not just IT specialists.

Scalability and Flexibility 

As your organization grows, so will your integration needs. The right solution should be able to adapt and grow with your needs, without interrupting your monitoring.

Monitoring Non-Events – When a Message is not sent

Some solutions can monitor not only events but also non-events. They can detect when expected events fail to occur, providing a proactive approach to identifying potential issues.

Nodinite – Simplifying Seamless Monitoring for all System Integrations and Message Flows

Selecting the right monitoring tool is a strategic decision for modern organizations. It’s about safeguarding data integrity, preserving your reputation, and optimizing resources. To create seamless monitoring of hybrid flows in BizTalk and Azure, you need a tool to simplify monitoring. Nodinite is excellent for this.

Nodinite is not only a monitoring tool, but also designed to make your hybrid integration journey easier and more efficient. Its near-instant data monitoring, customizable alerts, scalability, and seamless integration with multiple platforms are a great plus for any environment.

Choose Nodinite as your partner for better monitoring and operational excellence. You will have peace of mind knowing your hybrid integration environment is in capable hands.

Your path to smoother integration starts here with Nodinite.

Watch a demo.

Real-World Success Stories: How Organizations Achieved Improved Monitoring Efficiency with Nodinite

Let’s look at some real-life examples to understand how Nodinite affects hybrid integration monitoring.

NMBU – Enhancing BizTalk Integration Transparency

Norway’s University of the Environment and Life Sciences (NMBU), faced complex challenges in managing its IT environment. NMBU needed a solution that could handle its diverse integration landscape. This includes BizTalk and other non-BizTalk systems, ongoing upgrades, and future integration planning. The university also needed to balance current IT needs with limited resources. Additionally, they had to ensure compliance with national IT regulations, a mandatory requirement for Norwegian higher education institutions.

Nodinite emerged as a critical ally in addressing these challenges. Its integration transparency provided NMBU with a unified view of its diverse IT landscape, allowing quick issue identification and resolution. Nodinite’s self-healing capabilities streamlined operations by automating issue resolution, reducing the need for manual intervention. Furthermore, its ability to monitor non-events proactively detected issues before they disrupted operations, enhancing efficiency. Nodinite also played a vital role in maintaining compliance by providing the tools and alerts needed to keep up with evolving regulatory standards. As a result, NMBU now has a better IT system that is flexible and meets the rules, supporting academic success.

Long Read: A look into how Nodinite helped different companies

Deromegruppen – Streamlining Integration Management with Nodinite

Deromegruppen, Sweden’s largest family-owned wood industry, was facing significant challenges due to upgrades to its central systems. With BizTalk as their integration platform, the number of integrations requiring monitoring was set to increase substantially.

Deromegruppen selected Nodinite because it can handle all integration steps, including development, logging, support, and management. Nodinite provided full traceability and a range of intelligent features that set it apart from other tools. With Nodinite, Deromegruppen gained a common system for insight, traceability, and control over their BizTalk platform integrations. This allowed them to create views and reports for clear data presentation and analysis, essential for informed decision-making, investments, and business strategies.

With Nodinite, Deromegruppen could pinpoint different integration and IT-related problems. In some cases, they reduced problem identification time from several hours to just 15 minutes. With this streamlined approach, Deromegruppen saved time and improved the quality of development and monitoring. This made their operations more efficient as well.

These real-world examples demonstrate the tangible benefits of Nodinite in improving monitoring efficiency while resolving specific integration challenges.

In all, Nodinite understands the complexity of integrating with multivendor platforms and gears its offerings accordingly. It can monitor and unify your data and processes for a holistic view of your operations.

Try Nodinite for free.

We will provide additional information about how to evaluate monitoring tools in a future article. Stay tuned!

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