Sales team in control of order flow


This case is from a Swedish HVAC company with subsidiaries and sales representatives across the globe. They use Nexus as a national platform, not for monitoring single messages but rather for patterns of errors. External file transfers are done via FTP and ETL processes are in some cases done with BizTalk involved.


Orders would get stuck, which delayed the business process for sales and gave IT staff a lot of extra work.

Azure is the integration platform used.

“Using Nodinite has resulted in business processes working better, IT staff can be freed from support to focus on other prior activities and obvious time savings in troubleshooting.”



For the IT department, Nodinite’s repository has become a goldmine. Each integration is documented and assigned with relevant metadata, which is standardised across the organization. This enables others to better understand the integration and see who is responsible in case they need to reach out and ask about it.

Building a Data Fabric

The company will use data stored by Nodinite to build their own Data Fabric. Se Gartners definition of Data Fabric here.

Increased efficiency

The 20-30 sales reps now have Nodinite and can search for specific orders, adjust inaccuracies, and resend messages using Nodinite’s “Repair and Submit” feature. This has increased business efficiency and relieved the IT department.

Automating processes

Another unexpected benefit they have discovered is that they will be able to use IA/RPA to check the logs in Nodinite and use that information to automate unnecessary manual steps in the procedures. So far this is just a test, but it seems to have a good potential.