One product for the entire integration chain – Derome


Deromegruppen is Sweden’s largest family-owned wood industry and works with the entire chain from forest to house.


The big challenges in the near future are the work with several large ongoing projects where most of the central systems, such as business systems, are replaced by better solutions. The number of integrations that need to be monitored will then be many more.

BizTalk is the integration platform used.

Daniel wennlind

Daniel Wennlind
System Integration Specialist

”Nodinite is used in the daily work for everything from routine checks of our integration flows, alarm management, performance monitoring and also in our development process”


A product for the entire integration chain

Nodinite was chosen because of its strength in being a complete product for the entire integration chain, from development and logging to support and management. It offers full traceability and a host of smart features that are not possible with other tools.

Important insights for future decisions

It is a common system for gaining insight, traceability and control over integrations in our BizTalk platform. We can also create views and reports to be able to present and analyze data in a clear way, which can be important for future decisions, investments and business.

Quick to identify problems

With Nodinite as a tool, we can very quickly identify different types of integration and IT-related problems. There are examples where we with the help of Nodinite have identified the origin of a problem in about 15 minutes, without Nodinite it would have taken several hours. Where otherwise it is difficult to know where to go start looking, it is now instead very simple.

Increased quality

We save a lot of time and have the quality of the development and monitoring of all integrations.