Monitoring system integrations and alerts in Azure


Luleå University of Technology (LTU) is one Sweden’s premier educational institutions with over 17,000 students and 1,800+ employees as of 2022. It is a public university with four different campuses. Founded in 1971, it is among the world’s top universities in various academic fields. LTU is in the lead of an industry cluster producing the world’s first CO2 free steel. Ask anyone in Sweden and they should be familiar with LTU.

Nodinite is running in Azure cloud managed by Epical, one of Nodinite’s certified partners.


As one can imagine, an institution consisting of thousands of students and staff members also utilizes a multitude of IT systems. Each academic department has its own specific requirements. From academics to researchers to students who enroll in a variety of courses across the sprawling campuses. The university faces the same challenges that educational institutions around the world do, over time technologies change and legacy systems become outdated and need to be replaced.

A few years back Azure was chosen as a technology platform. Older integrations from legacy systems are still being moved over to Azure. The university has a centralized IT department which adheres to strict IT guidelines and policies as it is a publicly funded institution.


Monitoring of integration in Azure

Since 2021 Nodinite monitors system integrations in the Azure platform. This provides the university’s IT department with an easy and effective tool to manage monitoring. With this solution in place, they can monitor resources from eighteen different messaging flows as well as non-events. It helps the IT department stay on top of their Azure system integrations.

Alert notifications

Alerts related to system integrations are another benefit. If a message fails because of an issue related to system integrations, Nodinite will detect it and immediately notify the IT department. All issues can then be investigated and resolved by LTU staff.

Simplifying processes

The university needed an efficient solution to monitor and provide alerts for system integrations in Azure. They knew that having an easy-to-use turnkey tool in place was easier and less messy than building their own tool from scratch.

Scratching the surface

Two areas that the university has yet to explore further are Nodinite’s logging and repository functionalities. Like most organizations, time is a scarce resource and in the future the university expects to be able to begin exploring logging and repository. The IT department also wants to democratize data further by eventually introducing Nodinite to the university’s support and administration teams.