Aligning business and IT for a more efficient flow of data


The Boliden group IT environment is rather big and complex, with around 40 connected applications, close to 400 integration flows, and around 400 000 messages logged daily.


Before Nodinite, the integrations on Boliden were almost seen as a black hole. Data went in, and it was hard to know what happened to it inside the integration. A lot of stress was put on IT to dig up wrong messages or just show stakeholders what the data looked like.

Martin Bengtsson
System Integration Specialist

“After Nodinite we rarely get questions. We are very transparent with the data, and people can see problems themselves, adjust, and resend. It has been a good tool for us to become more efficient.”


Problem identified

Shortly after implementing Nodinite, it was clear that the problem with data “disappearing” was related to logic and incorrect ruling before sending.

Unexpected synergies

Since Nodonite became so appreciated, many people in the Boliden group started to use it and discovered new benefits. For example, they also use Nodinite when developing new integrations as a validation tool.

Responsibility cleared, allowing improvements to happen

With a clear line between ownership of data before and after being sent into the integration, the Boliden group was been able to solve the problems from the root. The business side can see for themselves in Nodinite when their send is incorrect, fix it and resend.

Return on investment

Martin Bengtsson estimates it took one year to reach the point where the investment had paid itself off. But summarizing all benefits throughout the entire company, he estimates they are actually down to three months.