100 integrations on BizTalk – Jämtkraft


Jämktraft is an energy company with a backbone in Jämtland and the Nordic countries as a market. They work to convert power from renewable energy sources into sustainable electricity.


Change of business system and increased digitization as well as the need to share data between more systems and applications. The demands on monitoring are increasing and the right information at the right time is necessary. Our unit currently has about 100 integrations on BizTalk and a constant new development of 10-20 integrations per year.

BizTalk is the integration platform used.

Magnus Linell System analyst

Magnus Linell
System Analyst

”A product that saves time – Logging, documentation, alarm management, monitoring, troubleshooting, business support, remote control and self-service are all areas where Nodinite helps us save time.”


Security and stability

The use of Nodinite has resulted in the entire business now having a more stable and secure monitoring that is trusted. activities are compiled and visualized in a report that is presented monthly. It is easier and faster to troubleshoot and with higher quality.

Facilitates long-term

Important data from Nodinite concerning activities are compiled and visualized in a report that is presented monthly. The report helps us make better business decisions.

Efficiency at work

Nodinite can be used to speed up the search for GPS coordinates from the service car, which is otherwise retrieved at several-minute intervals, and you can then easily see where the car is in relation to the destination. In this way, service technicians can receive guidance and find the right one more quickly.

Smart features

Business users have their own search view which, among other things, allows a user to look at an invoice in plain text or see if it was included in the last batch run. Another example is that you can search for an order in the entire flow through several integrations.