There is one thing to gather information, but a totally different to understand and use it. Nodinite lets you understand your workflows through detailed visuals, document your integrations and share it with other users.

In our opinion, information is nothing if it is not structured. Therefore, Nodinite contains a repository model with a simple drag and drop landscape. You can easily place information in folders, give the right people access to the information, as well as transform the data into rich visuals. Apart from giving you a clear view of the process, Nodinite offers you the opportunity

to create your own reports and analyze statistics to see how your business is doing. Thanks to the combination of three different areas, logging, monitoring and repository, you can measure and analyze basically whatever you want. Measurements that in the long run can help you improve your business.

Includes many features


Centralized documentation for your workflows is a need in modern integration landscapes. Nodinite is your place to go for your integration maintenance and documentation is available when needed.

Draw your integrations

A simple drag and drop integration landscape enabling you to easy document both existing and new workflows with ease.

Self-service portal

Let your users, both internal and external, view data they are interested in whenever they want through a simple and intuitive self-service interface.

Flexible reporting

Create your own reports, analyze statistics and bring your data to life with detailed visuals. Spot trends and take your business to the next level.

Style sheets

While looking at data, it is important to understand it. Our stylesheets feature allows you transform the data using XSLT into a format your users are used to. Why not transform invoice XMLs to the original invoice format?

Safe archiving

Archiving is important, especially when there are legal requirements. With Nodinite you decide how long you want to archive the data. It does not matter if it is ten days or ten years. All data is compressed and encrypted for maximum space and security.