When systems talk to each other, there is always a risk that something could go wrong. Things that affect the company or the people working for it. Nodinite monitors the whole integration chain and alerts you when something is wrong.

In all organizations, especially large companies with thousands of employees, the integration between systems is complex and it can be difficult to know when and where an error has occurred. Therefore, monitoring and the alert function that Nodinite offers can be vital for the business growth and the working environment.

By letting Nodinite overlook your integration platforms, you can reduce stress in the workplace as all employees know that important business transactions are being monitored and controlled. To put it simply: Nodinite is always aware and from day one, so are you.

Includes many features

Monitor what you want

Nodinite has built-in support for monitoring many different integration platforms and since Nodinite is built on an API architecture, our SDK's provide a simple way for you to monitor basically everything.


Nodinite tells you when something is wrong with a clear overview of what went wrong, when and why. Combined with our integration landscape, you solve issues in no time.

Self-service portal

Let your users, both internal and external, view data they are interested in whenever they want through a simple and intuitive self-service interface.

Remote control

When something is wrong, we know that you want to fix it straight away, while wasting no time. Remote Control lets you fix problems from within Nodinite all by yourself, no matter the place and time.


Nodinite is highly extensible and multiple SDKs are provided. Easy to use, easy to extend. Monitor & Log agents, alerts, stylesheet, search fields, you name it!

Monitors non-events

What if a transaction that you are expecting does not arrive? Nodinite does not only monitor all events that are occurring throughout the integration chain, it also keeps track of the so-called non-events.