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Design your integrations in a totally unique way

Nodinite makes it easy for you to document your integrations in a modern and totally unique way by providing you with a fully functional drag and drop landscape.

Use our landscape to design your workflows and use it as a collaboration canvas with your architects, use it while troubleshooting them. Understanding the information flow will help you solve your problems faster.

Nodinite's integration landscape, it is not just an image of an integration, it is a living document that follows you along your integration journey,

Documentation that matters

Let your users gain access and insights to your valuable documentation sharing the information and creating a foundation for true co-operation when and where needed.

Gives you a clearer view of the process

While logging and monitoring your system integrations, an updated documentation is needed, because when stuff goes wrong, your documentation will be the first thing you will use to understand what is wrong and whom to contact.

In Nodinite, the documentation will be a part of everything you do and will follow you everywhere within the platform. By always having the documentation at your side, you will automatically understand your workflows and a clearer view of the process is provided.

Statistics that improve your business

In order for you to learn if you improve your business, it needs to be measured. Since Nodinite combines monitoring, logging and our Repository Model. this no longer is an issue. Nodinite provides deep insights that you can use to analyze how your business is improving.

Regardless if you need measurements, such as ``number of incidents per integration`` or ``number of orders per Company``, Nodinite has the answer for you. Your imagination sets the limit.

Flexible reporting

Transform your company's business critical transactions into real time decision support with rich visuals.Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

Nodinite provides a foundation, from which you can create your own reports using the tool of your choice, for example Excel, Power BI or Qlikview.

Centralized system integration documentation

At Nodinite we understand that integrations are always emerging and changing, just like your business does. One of the problems there is, is that documentation is often spread across your organization and documented in different ways, and that often depends on what tools are used to build integrations.

Your documentation should not be spread and definitely should not be different, no matter what integration techniques you are using. Because, in the end, maintaining integrations should be easy and that is why your documentation should be the same and centralized.

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