Monitor your workflow to secure business transaction, 24×7

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    Install Nodinite's Monitor Agents

    Nodinite has built in support for monitoring many platforms/systems and applications. Install the monitor agents you want.

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    Connect Nodinite to the agents

    In order for Nodinite to monitor what you want, connection needs to be established. So go ahead and establish the connection.

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    Create your first monitor views

    Whether it is monitoring of BizTalk, Mule, file systems or queues; Nodinite provides you with monitor views to monitor exactly what you want!

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    Invite your stakeholders to a modern and intuitive self-service interface

    Nodinite is role-based and allows you to provide your organization with self-service views and actions to manage their own request, e.g. restart a service.

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    You have done it. You not only centrallized your workflow data, but you also provide your customers, both internal and external, a highly valuable interface.

Monitor everything

Nodinite has built-in support for monitoring many integration platforms, systems and application - such as BizTalk, Mule, Log4Net, ActiveMQ and many more.

And since Nodinite is built on an API architecture our SDK's provide a simple way for you to monitor basically everything. No matter what programming language you prefer, as long as it does support exposing an API endpoint.

Whether it is monitoring of queue depths, number of invoices, windows services, cron jobs, etc. Nodinite can handle it, provide you with best-in-class monitoring and lets you focus on your job.

A simple and intuitive self-service interface

Nodinite provides you with a simple and intuitive self-service interface which you easily can provide to your users, both internal and external. Enabling them to view data they are interested in whenever they need. Using Nodinite's authorization model you can allow roles within your organization to view certain data and answer their questions in no time.

Supporting all modern browsers and all modern devices, such as PC/Mac, tablets and phones and makes it easy for you to use Nodinite wherever you are and whenever you need to access it.

To use Nodinite, all you need is a device, browser and a network.

Tells you when something is wrong

Nodinite handles monitoring of your resources with ease. But just monitoring will not do the job. However, telling you when something is wrong, does. Nodinite will let you know when something is not as it should be.

Compared to other softwares in the industry, Nodinite will not spam. Our flexible monitor views let you set up your monitor needs and alert you once. If, however, the problem is not solved within a certain amount of time that you configure, Nodinite will let you know that the problem still persists.

Nodinite has built-in support for email alerts and our developer SDKs allow you to extend the platform with whatever alert type you want, e.g. sms, push notifications and service desk platforms.

Remote Actions

Ever needed to restart a windows service, or check the number of invoices being stuck in a queue? Nodinite get you covered.

In Nodinite you are able to remotely execute actions on your monitored resources, making it really easy for your organization to solve their own problems. Our acess management allows you to either disable or enable it to your roles, making it a real life-saver. Whether you are on the beach, enjoying your vacation or on a shopping trip, sometimes you still need to solve problems.
Nodinite is designed to work anywhere and assist you in your tasks, no matter what place and time.

Whether it is starting a BizTalk Send Port or to empty an ActiveMQ queue, Nodinite can handle it and provide you with the functionality you need.

A true all in one solution, making Nodinite the centralized platform to maintain your workflows.

Flexible reporting

Transform your company's business critical transactions into real time decision support with rich visuals. Stay updated of current status, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

Nodinite provides a foundation, from which you can create your own reports using the tool of your choice, for example Excel, Power BI or Qlikview.


Nodinite is flexible, dynamic and provides a lot of out-of-the-box functionality. But we also understand that your ecosystem is emerging and old platforms go and new platforms come. Therefore, Nodinite is built with an API layer, as well as it provides SDK's for you to simply focus on solving your problems.

The monitoring SDKs enable you to write your own monitoring agents. Whether it is monitoring a new queueing system or new cloud services, Nodinite's SDK will help you.

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