Track your workflow and stay on top of your business critical transactions

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    Log your business transactions

    Nodinite has built in support for logging of many platforms and has a web api to enable you logging from basically everywhere.

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    Set up your search fields

    Search Fields in Nodinite allow you to extract valuable data from your business transactions for you to find the data you are looking for in no time.

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    Create your log views

    Whether you want to search for invoices, customer data, etc. Nodinite will find it and log views help you to easier find what you are looking for and how to present it to you.

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    Invite your stakeholders to a modern and intuitive self-service interface

    Nodinite is role-based and allows you to define what data is searchable for which roles, allowing them to search for the data they are looking for without bothering the internal IT group.

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    You have done it. You not only centrallized your workflow data, but you also provide your customers, both internal and external, a highly valuable interface.

Log business transactions from basically everywhere

System integrations are not just using one single integration platform. Modern system integrations are built with multiple platforms, maybe built with an API strategy and maybe not even a standardized integration platform.

Nodinite has built-in support for many techniques and applications, but also provides an API for you to log any of your business transactions, making Nodinite to a real centralized logging platform.

A simple and intuitive self-service interface

Nodinite provides you with a simple and intuitive self-service interface which you easily can provide to your users, both internal and external. Enabling them to view data they are interested in whenever they need. Using Nodinite's authorization model you can allow roles within your organization to view certain data and answer their questions in no time.

Supporting all modern browsers and all modern devices, such as PC/Mac, tablets and phones and makes it easy for you to use Nodinite wherever you are and whenever you need to access it.

To use Nodinite, all you need as a device, connection to your network as well as a browser.

Supporting Non-Events transaction monitoring

Without business transactions, businesses would not run, therefore keeping track of them is important. But what if transactions that you are expecting are not arriving? Or if the amount of messages does not meet your expectations? These type of events are called Non-Events.

Nodinite has built in support for Non-Events and makes it really easy for you to keep track of your scenarios, no matter how high the complexity is it relieves your stress!

Flexible reporting

Transform your company's business critical transactions into real time decision support with rich visuals.Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

Nodinite provides a foundation, from which you can create your own reports using the tool of your choice, for example Excel, Power BI or Qlikview.

View messages in the right format

Since Nodinite provides a self-service interface your users will get access to data they need to operate the fullest. But providing just the data is not always enough. Providing the data in the right format however, is.

Nodinite allows you to style your messages using XSLT's, letting them view the messages in the format they are used to.

This saves time and keeps your users happy!

Compressed and encrypted archiving

Archiving is important, especially when there are legal requirements. With Nodinite is archiving made easy. Simply log your business transaction decide how long you want to archive it, no matter if it is 10 days or 10 years - Nodinite handles it for you. And since everything is both compressed to save storage and encrypted, security is being handled.

Nodinite can be used as both a short- as well as long-term archiving solution and provides a simple and intuitive interface making it easy for you to search for your data.

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