Never before have system integrations been so easy. You can relax while Nodinite handles everything from logging and monitoring.

Documentation that matters

Let your users gain access and insights to your valuable documentation, sharing the information and creating a foundation for true co-operation when and where needed.

Nodinite makes it easy for you to document your workflows in a modern and totally unique way by providing you with a fully functional drag and drop landscape, no matter what platforms you are using. Nodinite connects documentation with logging and monitoring and provides it documentation whenever it is needed - making it easy for you to maintain your workflows.

Documentation is one of your most key assets and should be treated as a high-class citizen in your ecosystem. Nodinite simplifies this, making it easy, understandable and available.

Self-Service Provisioning

Nodinite enables End-to-End tracking and allows you self-service provisioning to solve problems by yourself without needing to involve others. Delegate access to the data and let your stakeholders do the work.

Monitoring end to end

Nodinite monitors all resources part of the system integration chain, end to end. It always alerts relevant users when an error is detected and stores your alert history, so it easy to access whenever you want. Malfunctions can be fixed using the remote-control center wherever you are.

Flexible reporting

Transform your company's business critical transactions into real time decision support with rich visuals. Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

Nodinite provides a foundation, from which you can create your own reports using the tool of your choice, for example Excel, Power BI or Qlikview.

Compressed and encrypted archiving

Archiving is important, especially when there are legal requirements. With Nodinite is archiving made easy. Simply log your business transaction decide how long you want to archive it, no matter if it is 10 days or 10 years - Nodinite handles it for you. And since everything is both compressed to save storage and encrypted, security is being handled.

Nodinite can be used as both a short- as well as long-term archiving solution and provides a simple and intuitive interface making it easy for you to search for your data.

Controlled and audited access to data

Nodinite helps you to provide data to your users they are interested in. Everything from e.g. error logs to invoices and much more. But sometimes the data you provide can be sensitive and access to it should be treated carefully.
With Nodinite you can relax, we keep you in control. All data that users get access to will be controlled and audited, making sure you know what happens to your data at all time.

A simple and intuitive self-service interface

Nodinite provides you with a simple and intuitive self-service interface which you easily can provide to your users, both internal and external. Enabling them to view data they are interested in whenever they need. Using Nodinite's authorization model you can allow roles within your organization to view certain data and answer their questions in no time.

It is also built with love, supporting all modern browsers and all modern devices, such as PC/Mac, Tablets and phones and makes it easy for you to use Nodinite wherever you are and whenever you need to access it.

To use Nodinite, all you need as a device, connection to your network as well as a browser.

User profiled dashboard

As a user, it is important to see what you are interested in and maybe not everything. Nodinite provides a user profiled dashboard, giving you access to the data you want. It is highly customizable allowing you to display whatever you want.

Write your knowledge base articles

The right information at the right time. For you and your organization to always know what to do is important and that is why our knowledge base is a must have.

Nodinite provides highly customizable Knowledge base Articles, providing your business with the information they need to operate the fullest.

Everything in one platform!

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Nodinite centralizes all available logs of your business critical workflows and enables your business to find the answers they are looking for.


Monitoring system integrations can be tricky – Nodinite simplifies this for you. Everything in one single tool.

Workflow Documentation

Design and document your system integrations in a totally unique way and combine documentation with logging and monitoring.

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