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Certified Partner: Contica


Stefan Wånggren
VD / Affärsansvarig


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82% of your headaches deleted. Estimated time left: 12 minutes.

Such is our mission at Contica. We could talk about how we bring your relevant data together, transforming your digital operations into one seamless solution, but we rather keep it simple. Because what sets us apart isn’t our expertise in digital business transformations — yes, we make technology work. But most importantly: we make it work for you.


At Contica we know that behind every problem lies a frustrated desire. And behind that desire, a human. Just like you. That’s why we do data, and understand people. We believe that new technology is there to be used and to help your organisation perform to the absolute best of its capability. So clear, yet so powerful is the idea that drives us. Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, Contica is the result of system integrators, trailblazers and path changers. Specialists that expand your capabilities and bandwidth.


In a world of giants, we’re happy not to go big. But to do right. If you’re looking for a perceptive partner that takes you all the way and makes that digital journey as smooth as possible, we’d be happy to help.


So now to the headaches. What’s yours?


Welcome to explore more about what we at Contica can do for you and who we are at: