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They say that information is power. If that theory is true, then it is a good idea to stay tuned to what is happening at Nodinite as we are not in the business of slowing down, life is simply too short for that. We therefore suggest you set aside a few minutes of your day and join to find out all the exciting information about what is happening over here.


New Customers

We are thrilled to kick off February with some good news. Yet another company has selected Nodinite’s logging, monitoring, and repository tool. This time it is an advisory, operations, and maintenance services company. This company provides services to thousands of customers in the Nordic region and is a market leader in its field.

An existing customer is also expanding their use of Nodinite. It is a Swedish 5-billion-euro company that has been testing the repository. Now they have an introduction to monitoring and logging, which they are evaluating. They are also a leader in their industry.


Marketing Latest

1. Nodinite is now on Capterra! It is a sign that Nodinite is maturing that you can now find us on one of the largest software review websites. We are found alongside similar software tools. That said, there is no other tool quite like Nodinite in the market that caters to system integration monitoring, logging, and with a repository. Because of this, we feel that there is no specific category in Capterra that is a perfect match for us but rather a combination of categories.

2. Frequently Asked Questions page! For anyone with questions about Nodinite or if they simply want to learn more about some of the features for Azure or BizTalk, there is now a specific page for this. Click here to visit the new FAQ page.

3. We are also busy updating the look and feel of our website. We are addressing technical readers and we intend to add more value to technical questions and answers. In particular, the first impressions visitors get when they come to the front page. Last month we reported the new “See how it works” pages that were published.

These changes to the website are made to enhance and the improve visitor experience. Remember to frequently visit www.nodinite.com to discover the latest updates.

4. Michael Olsson, Nodinite’s CEO made a presentation on the 8th of February for members of SAPSA. Nodinite was invited to speak about our repository. Click here to learn more about SAPSA.


Developers Corner

Nodinite 6.1 coming soon!

The partner release of Nodinite 6.1 took place on the 1st of February. During an hour-long presentation, CEO and founder, Michael Olsson, showcased all the exciting new features and updates in the latest version of Nodinite. Michael also talked about the roadmap for future Nodinite development.

One of the exciting new features is advanced search capabilities that make it even easier to find what you are looking for. A future development will include a BPM (Business Process Modelling/Management) functionality. We are working with two customers to develop new and exciting BPM features.

Later in February version 6.1 is going to be available to customers and the public at large. As always, we recommend that you as soon as possible update Nodinite to the most up to date version. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about 6.1. Click here to fill out a form.


Poll of the month

Our LinkedIn survey question for this month is “Do you read Nodinite’s newsletter?”. As of publication the poll has not closed yet, but the preliminary results indicate that most respondents do indeed read our newsletter.

A big heartfelt thank you from the Marketing & Sales team! We will continue to strive with renewed energy to provide relevant news and updates!


Partner Activities

Roundtable Event

A roundtable event took place on the 7th of February arranged by Contica and actively supported by Nodinite. The main topic being ‘how to use best practices to spread Nodinite outside the IT department’. It was a follow-up to the first event in November which Contica also hosted.

As with the first event, this was an invite only event for public sector organizations. It was another successful activity with an invited guest speaker from Epical Group, Jesper Brumark, who provided a real-life case study explaining how an organization had successfully implemented best practices outside an IT department. Participants also had the opportunity to engage in group discussions and networking.

Meet Nodinite’s Certified Partners

Starting this month February we will be introducing our partners, asking them to, in their own words, highlight their relationship with Nodinite, what services they offer and how they stand out from the crowd.

Kicking off this initiative is the very excellent Contica, our Nodinite partner headquartered in Gothenburg. Click on this link to read the full article.



We are excited to confirm our 12th certified partner! In February Cegeka Nordics became the latest firm to offer Nodinite services. This new partnership is exciting as Cegeka is one of Europe’s larger IT integrators spread across 18 countries and with 9,000+ employees.

Click here to read the press release.



With 150 minutes (about 2 and a half hours) of content divided into 7 programs around getting started and learning Nodinite, we are excited to release another elaborative program around Azure Application Monitoring – with and without Nodinite.

The program will need 33 minutes of your time and is divided into 4 modules. It covers 3 different scenarios an integration consultant like yourself would come across in day-to-day job with maintaining systems integrations. We are sure it’s worth the watch to realise the value Nodinite adds to Azure monitoring.

Those scenarios talk about how you would go about solving the problems in Azure monitoring vs. how Nodinite comes in and makes it much convenient. The scenarios are given below –

1) Scenario 1: Logic App Application failed run:

– Azure Portal Monitor

– Install and configure logic app agent and configuration

– Setting up alarm (and wait for Azure portal alarm email)

– The comparison

2) Scenario 2: Dead-Letters

– Azure Portal Monitor

– Installing MQ agent and configuration

– Azure portal alarm review

– Nodinite’s features of MQ agent

3) Scenario 3: A disabled Logic Application

– How it looks in Azure Portal Monitor

– How it is resolved in Nodinite

– We still wait for Azure portal Alarms email.

4) Final remarks on how Nodinite complements Azure monitoring.


Published Articles in January

In January we published fewer articles than in December, which is perhaps not surprising given the recent holiday period. Yet two pieces stand out, don’t miss them!

The first is about how to supercharge Azure with the help of Nodinite. The second covers the benefits of having a requirement specification ready when choosing a tool for integration monitoring and logging.

Here are the articles published in January:

Guide to Supercharge your Azure Environment with Nodinite

Requirements Specification for Monitoring and Logging of System Integrations

Welcome to the Nodinite Newsletter – January Edition


Monthly short story #6

Below is a short, and highly fictional, tale where Nodinite, a plucky, global do-gooder and overall superhero software tool, solves problems. Every month a new adventure will be included in each newsletter. The stories themselves are imaginary and are of course a not-so-subtle reference to how Nodinite’s tool helps organizations in the real world.

Read and enjoy!

Save $$$ in the Annual Budget with Nodinite

Once upon a time, the IT department of a large multinational business faced a tough financial challenge. They needed to monitor their system integrations and keep logs as well as have a repository with landscape views capabilities.

But there was a snag – the global economy was experiencing a prolonged downturn. Their company was suffering from the recession with lower sales and tighter margins. Consequently, the allocated budget for a monitoring and logging solution was limited and unfortunately the most well-known software tools on the market were prohibitively expensive. These vendors used an expensive license model per user and on top of that many also charged for usage or transactions.

In this scenario the multinational could only afford a handful of licenses. Not nearly enough to cover their needs. Yet the head of the IT department was progressive. She wanted to enable data democracy among employees by delegating role-based responsibility of monitoring and logging of system integrations.

That’s when Nodinite came along and saved the day!

Its pricing model is based on one license per organization, regardless of the number of internal users. Not only that, their flat rate and annual cost was well within budget. They were even listed on the highly rated Capterra website! The multinational company quickly purchased this amazing software tool and began monitoring, logging, and documenting their system integrations without breaking the bank.

The news spread like wildfire throughout this industry: Nodinite had a more feasible pricing model than any similar product out there because it allowed organizations to save money on licenses while still getting exactly what they needed from monitoring, logging, and with a repository on top of that.

In the end, everyone in the multinational company was delighted thanks to Nodinite’s clever tool. Which enables customers around the world access system integration monitoring while saving money with just one license purchase per organization.

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