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Integration Software becomes Nodinite

Last Updated: August 8, 2023|

After 7 years in business, we at Nodinite (former Integration Software) have made a decision. A decision to start our new journey.

We go from being a software company, selling many products, to becoming a single-platform company. At Integration Software, we delived Integration Manager, BizTalk Adapters and BizDoc. At Nodinite however, we are and deliver Nodinite (former Integration Manager).

What this means to you, either an existing or interested customer, an existing or interested business partner, we will let you know what it means to you.

What we have done so far

  • We obviusly rebranded our company
    • Nodinite – comes from two words, 1. Nodi – Latin word for a node, 2. unite, combined Nodinite.
    • We also defined a new pay off; Always Aware.
    • A new logotype and a lot of other stuff



  • Our website obviously received a minor remake, as well as it has full focus on one single platform; Nodinite.
  • Introduced a new partner model. At Nodinite we will no longer deliver software as part of our service directly to customers, this will from now on be handled by our certified partners.
  • Moved from a private-cloud solution for our websites to Microsoft Azure, because of our plan to become more international. But more about that in an upcoming blog post.

A new documentation site

A lot of time has past since we updated our documentation website, but we have definitely seen the need to do, that is why, combined with our new rebrand, we are proud to release a new documentation website – https://documentation.nodinite.com.

The new website is fully focussed on Nodinite (former Integration Manager) and received a lot of new features:

  1. Find what you are looking for with the new search feature.

  1. Navigate along a selected documentation page using Table of Contents
  2. Social share features to simply share what you think is worthy to share on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  3. From ground up newly designed interface for documentation
  4. and much more

We will showcase our new documentation in an upcoming news as well, but we wanted to let you know that we are working on that.

You can find the new documentation here: https://documentation.nodinite.com/

What you need to know

If you have been in contact with us using our integrationsoftware.se email addresses, you can still use these to reach us and we will reply to you, using our nodinite.com email addresses.

For our support, we will create a new support-site exclusively for Nodinite, but until then, our existing support page is still running https://support.integrationsoftware.se/

Next steps

Obviously we have a lot to do and a lot of things are going to happen.

  • A new version of Nodinite (former Integration Manager); version 5.0
  • As stated before, a new support platform that will focus on Nodinite (former Integration Manager)
  • Partner portal for our partners to log on to and get the latest partner information available
  • And much more

Let us know what you think and we hope that you will be part of our journey!

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