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Increased demand for Nodinite

Last Updated: March 17, 2022|

Nodinite fills a void in the market, where large organizations increasingly need to manage and control message flows. e.g. orders, in their increasing complex landscape of systems integration. A landscape with a mix of integration technologies used, e.g., point-to-point file transfer, web services, message queues, and integration platforms.

  • 24 large enterprises are added to the list of customers during 2021. An all-time high!
  • 500% increase in Nodinite requests from new geographical markets. An all-time high!
  • 150 system integration specialists and IT architects attended our Nodinite 5.3 launch webinar. An all-time high!
  • 90+ large and well-known enterprises use Nodinite. An all-time high!
  • 12% of Sweden’s 100 largest companies by turnover use Nodinite. An all-time high!
  • 15 out of Scandinavia’s most prominent integration agencies and license resellers now offer Nodinite. An all-time high!
  • 6 integration agencies have selected Nodinite as their default tool for their managed service offer. An all-time high!
  •  220 self-service views were configured for a single organization. An all-time high!
  • 70% reduced IT incidents when Nodinite became the primary tool for business support. An all-time high!
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